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Soaring In Life As Children Of God

We celebrated Children‘s Day in church on Sunday, 8 October 2017 with an upbeat presentation at our English services and a slew of activities at the children‘s ministry Rock Kidz.

During the English services, children from Rock Kidz presented an item, giving praises to God with funky melodies and tap dancing, even as the congregation hummed and tapped along to the delightful presentation.

Senior Pastor Joseph Prince then preached from the Word, sharing how many of the heroes of the Bible like Daniel and King David were young in age when God used them mightily for His kingdom. He challenged the youths to live for the glory of Jesus for they are never too young to be used by the Lord. He also encouraged the congregation to think young and stay youthful and energetic! At the end of his sermon, Pastor Prince declared the family blessings found in Psalm 144:12–15 over the congregation.

Over at our children‘s ministry Rock Kidz, many came decked in colourful costumes and expectant hearts to join in the Children‘s Day celebration themed “You Were Made To Soar!” The little ones had a great time encountering our Lord Jesus through worship, interactive displays and other fun activities at the various venues.

And through a creative storytelling about Ernie, an eaglet who discovers that he was born to soar, the children were reminded that they are precious and special to God. He has made them to be the head and not the tail, and to be above and not beneath (ref.: Deuteronomy 28:13). We believe our children can soar in life and be champions knowing that Jesus loves them and will always be there to help them!

DARE To Soar

At our DARE To Soar event on Saturday, 19 August 2017, we celebrated the Secondary One youths who had just moved on from Rock Kidz, our children‘s ministry, to DARE ministry — DARE is our youth group for secondary school students. This event marks a significant milestone in the youths‘ lives as they cross over from childhood to the youth group.

The programme consisted of two segments. In the first segment, the youths were challenged to rise up and step out of their comfort zones by completing a high element station. This activity serves as a reminder to them that they can overcome challenges with Jesus on their side. There was much rejoicing in the house as each youth crossed the obstacle course victoriously.

The second segment opened with praise and worship, followed by a short sharing of the Word from Psalm 127:3–4, by our youth pastors. Then the parents anointed their youths and prayed over them. Parents were also encouraged to bring along a gift to validate their child‘s transition into the new season.

Towards the close of the event, the youths also prayed over their parents. It was a heartwarming sight to witness parents embracing their youths, touched by our heavenly Father‘s love for them before they returned home together.

National Day Celebration Services 2017

With Singapore flags held high, our ushers and ambassadors welcomed the congregation to our National Day celebration services on Sunday, 6 August 2017. Our choir was also present at our Marina Bay Sands Ballrooms and GV Grand (Great World City) service venues, singing songs to celebrate the occasion before the services began.

The services opened with Pastor Lawrence Lim leading the congregation to recite the National Pledge and sing the National Anthem together.

Pastor Lawrence also led us to pray for our nation‘s leaders, and that Singapore would progress, prosper and be protected from all harm. He then shared on the church‘s local outreach over the past year and how we had been blessed to be a blessing to our community. Read more about this outreach update here.

After praise and worship where the choir was decked out in our national colours of red and white, New Creation Worship presented an original song titled “The Best Is Yet to Be” as a dedication of love to Singapore, our home.


Senior Pastor Joseph Prince then preached a powerful message on how healing is ours through the finished work of our Lord Jesus. He took time to minister to the congregation and many received their healing from the Lord.

The celebration services then concluded with Pastor Prince praying for the Lord‘s blessing to be upon our nation, and that Singapore would impact the world, and abound with grace and favour!


Appreciating Our Dads On Father’s Day 2017

On Sunday, 18 June 2017, the church came together to appreciate and honour the dads in our midst and to celebrate Father’s Day.

During our English services, a special song item “Rise Up”, was dedicated to fathers, reminding them of their heavenly Father’s love for them.

At the start of his sermon, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince affirmed the fathers of the important role they play in their family and shared from his own experiences of being a father and reminded the dads to continue to keep their eyes on the Lord. Pastor Prince also prayed for a fresh anointing to be upon the fathers.

In addition, the fathers at our English services were blessed with a specially commissioned gift from the church. Dads at the Chinese services enjoyed a special programme and received an umbrella as a practical Father’s Day gift.

At Rock Kidz, our children’s ministry, the boys and girls presented photo frames with handwritten messages to appreciate their daddies.


Seeing Jesus — Celebration Services 2017

Themed Seeing Jesus, our services on Sunday, 14 May 2017, celebrated how God in His goodness has blessed the work of our church and our own lives as we remained focused on bringing Jesus to the forefront. Besides showing love for mothers, who are God‘s blessings to us, we also expressed appreciation for Senior Pastor Joseph Prince on that day.

After Pastor Prince preached on new covenant truths about God‘s grace, a humorous video skit put together by some of our pastors and the creative team was presented to celebrate his birthday which falls on 15 May. The presentation rounded off with heartwarming video birthday greetings from pastors and friends around the world.

Following that, Pastor Gideon Lim appreciated Pastor Prince for being a blessing to our church and to the nations through the preaching of the gospel of grace. Pastor Prince then took to the stage and was joined by his wife Wendy, and children Jessica and Justin. The celebration culminated with the church singing a birthday blessing over Pastor Prince.

In closing, Pastor Prince expressed his heartfelt gratitude to everyone and prayed for the Lord‘s blessings over the mothers in our midst first, and over the congregation as well. To bless the mums, a specially prepared Mother‘s Day gift from the church was given to them after the services.

Click here to read more about the Mother‘s Day celebrations at our various services.