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Celebrating Youth Day 2016

Sunday, 3 July 2016 was Youth Day and youths were celebrated throughout our four English services on that day. Loud cheers were heard at the entrances of our service venues as young people from our youth ministry The Zone waved placards and gave our congregation members a rousing welcome.

The day’s services opened with our youths from The Zone making the announcements. This was followed by a power-packed praise and worship session led by 15 youth worship leaders, accompanied by the youth band. Pastor Daniel Chong, one of our youth ministry pastors, then led the congregation in partaking of the Holy Communion and declaring that their youth has been renewed like the eagles'.

A video was also shown to the congregation to share the highlights at our recent youth camps and remind us that we are called to be God’s light-bearers to the world.

Right after the video, a group of young singers and musicals came on to put up a vibrant song item titled 139. The uplifting song written by New Creation Worship was inspired by Psalm 139, and it spoke of how meaning and hope are found in our Lord Jesus Christ. The song was also made available for download online until Sunday, 24 July 2016 as a gift from the church in celebration of Youth Day.

In his sermon message, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince shared that God is raising up a new generation that is bold and unashamed of His love. He also taught how Jesus’ perfect sacrifice had glorified God and allowed Him to unleash His abundant supply of love and blessings upon His children.

To wrap up the day, our youths put on their dancing shoes and surprised our congregation at The Star Performing Arts Centre with a high-energy flash mob at the end of the first three services!


Appreciating Dads On Father’s Day 2016

On Sunday, 19 June 2016, the church came together to honour the fathers in our midst and celebrate Father’s Day.

After a time of worshipping our heavenly Father, Pastor Lawrence Lim led the congregation in partaking of the Holy Communion in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice. During the service, our church’s creative team put up a beautiful performance of the song, “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us”. This special item, dedicated to all the fathers, opened with the voice of a sweet five-year-old and wrapped up with a soulful duet.

Before Senior Pastor Joseph Prince started preaching, he affirmed fathers of God’s love for them and reminded them of the importance of their role as the head of the house. He then prayed over the fathers to be filled with God’s wisdom and strength all the days of their lives. Pastor Prince then went on to encourage the people to go boldly into the presence of their heavenly Father and receive all the blessings He has prepared for them.

That day, fathers at our English and Chinese services were blessed with a gift as a gesture of appreciation from the church. At the Hokkien and Mandarin services, dads were treated to a traditional Cantonese opera performance by our Chinese Ministry volunteers. And at the end of the services, Pastor Mark Ng prayed a special blessing over the fathers. Over at our children’s ministry Rock Kidz, the little ones wrote personalised cards and created DIY stationery holders for their daddies.


Mother’s Day and Celebration Services 2016

On Sunday, 8 May 2016, the church came together to celebrate Mother’s Day and to show our appreciation for mothers.

Pastor Lawrence Lim prayed over the mothers at the services and declared God’s favour over them. The mothers were also treated to a special item featuring two youths speaking and paying tribute to the mothers, followed by a delightful string quartet performance of the hymn Lamb Of God.

After Senior Pastor Joseph Prince preached about the dispensations and how our Lord Jesus Christ is revealed in the Scriptures, we celebrated Pastor Prince’s birthday in advance and demonstrated our appreciation to him for his ministry and impact on the church. Some of our church leaders and volunteers, the youth ministry, and the congregation of Grace Revolution Church in Dallas, the United States, shared their thoughts and love through a video greeting too.

After that, a group of our pastors presented a song item complete with a hilarious “live” music video in dedication to Pastor Prince before the council chairman, Deacon Matthew Kang, came on stage.

Deacon Matthew took the opportunity to share how his life has been transformed and blessed by the gospel of grace down through the years. He then led the congregation in singing birthday blessings over Pastor Prince after he came on stage along with his wife Wendy and children Jessica and Justin.

As a token of appreciation from the church, the mothers present at the English and Chinese services were blessed with a practical gift of a water bottle. Our children’s ministry Rock Kidz marked Mother’s Day too by having the little ones make stationery holders and write personalised greeting cards to express their love for their mothers.


Resurrection Sunday 2016

On Sunday, 27 March 2016, our church gathered together to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and to thank Him for His wondrous sacrifice. Our ambassadors and ushers welcomed the congregation with a specially designed postcard which they could personalise to remind them of Jesus’ finished work and who they are in Christ.

The service opened with an immersive 3D museum experience that culminated in the presentation of an original song “Hope Of Glory”. Written by New Creation Worship, it speaks of Jesus’ finished work on the cross and the hope of glory that we have in Christ, the great “I AM”. The song is also a Resurrection Sunday gift available as an MP3 download to the congregation until Saturday, 9 April 2016.

The congregation then entered into an exuberant time of praise and worship, giving thanks to Jesus who gave His life for us.

Pastor Daniel Chong then led the congregation in the partaking of the Holy Communion, reminding us that Jesus has died for our sins and paid the price for our healing and wholeness.

Another original song was presented by New Creation Worship titled, “Indeed He Is Risen (Ken Hu Kam)”, which was sung in English and Hebrew. Inspired by Isaiah 53:5, the song centres on how Jesus was crushed for our iniquities, but has risen and is alive forevermore.

Our Resurrection Sunday service continued with the screening of Golgotha, a special presentation of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus produced by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) in association with our Senior Pastor Joseph Prince. The presentation showed how Christ has triumphed over death. The video is available online in the TBN archives here.

Pastor Prince then shared a powerful message, proclaiming the amazing love of God and declaring the victory we have through the cross.

Resurrection Sunday was celebrated at our children’s ministry Rock Kidz and Chinese services too. The little ones enjoyed lessons and fun activities that pointed to Jesus’ love for them and put up handwritten messages on a tree to give thanks to our risen Lord. Over at our Chinese services, Pastor Mark Ng encouraged the congregation to rejoice over the glorious hope they have in Christ.


Chinese New Year Celebrations 2016

With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, our church came together to celebrate the occasion as one family in Christ.

The English services opened with resounding praise and worship to the Lord in both English and Mandarin. This was accompanied by an acoustic guitar ensemble and a guzheng (a Chinese zither) that brought a special East-meets-West flavour to the praise and worship.

Adding to the Chinese New Year cheer was a medley of performances in Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese. The variety show-style medley featured rousing Chinese drums, a heartfelt song that speaks of the Father's love, and a familiar Chinese New Year tune. Rounding off the performances was a music video of the Mandarin song “Sacrifice”, an original New Creation Worship composition.

Then, true to tradition, Pastor Mark Ng from our Chinese Ministry took to the stage and delivered an uplifting message on the key to effortless transformation. He exhorted the congregation to call upon the name of Jesus in times of need and to always be conscious of Christ and His finished work. How wonderful it was to usher in the Chinese New Year with our eyes on the Lord!