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Christmas Celebrations 2015

Tis the season to celebrate! Once again, we gathered together for our Christmas celebrations services as one big New Creation Church family.

Throughout all our service venues, the festive cheer was palpable. Happy greetings of “Blessed Christmas!” were heard as people came for the services, while congregation members gamely took photos with their families and friends using specially designed Christmas-themed props. Those at The Star Performing Arts Centre and Marina Bay Sands Ballrooms were also treated to Christmas carols sung by the choir.

The services kicked off with a string of special performances that featured catchy Christmas tunes as well as two new original songs – “Let The Fire Burn” and “Love Magnificent” – from New Creation Worship about the Lord’s great love for us. The latter was available online as a free song download in the month of December.



One of the highlights of the service was a stunning operatic rendition of “O Holy Night” sung by a singer who was accompanied by a violinist as they were gently lowered from the ceiling on swings.


During praise and worship, the worship team led the congregation in Christmas hymns and songs, exalting the wondrous glories of our Lord Jesus. Pastor Lawrence Lim then led the congregation in the partaking of the Holy Communion and reminded the church of the true reason for season: Jesus.

In his sermon, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince preached on the redeeming blood of our Lord and Saviour, who came as a gift of God’s grace to pay for our sins. What a powerful reminder of how much we are loved by the Lord!

The service ended on a merry note with Pastor Prince leading the congregation in familiar Christmas songs likes “Come On Ring Those Bells” and “Feliz Navidad”.

At Rock Kidz, our children’s ministry, the little ones had a fun time learning about the birth of Jesus through a special sand art video and participating in Christmas-themed games and activities.

Over at our Chinese services held at Marina Bay Sands Ballrooms, a long queue had formed outside the venue even before services began as people arrived early with loved ones to celebrate Christmas. Inside and outside the ballrooms, Christmas-themed props were available for our Chinese-speaking congregation to pose for snapshots with their friends and family. They were encouraged by Pastor Mark Ng who shared a Christmas message on how God gave His Son Jesus for us that we might become His children and enjoy His blessings.

It was truly a time of celebration across all our services and venues today!


Launch Of Grace Revolution Book In Church

Sunday, 4 October 2015 marked the release of Senior Pastor Joseph Prince’s new book, Grace Revolution, in church. Our congregation members were privileged to lay hold of the book before its worldwide launch on 27 October 2015.

Many congregation members who had pre-ordered the books were randomly selected to have their books signed by Pastor Prince over two Sundays, on 4 and 11 October 2015. It was a joy meeting with congregation members whose lives have been changed by the gospel of grace.

We pray that more of our Lord Jesus’ loveliness and finished work will be unveiled to many through this book!


Children’s Day 2015 Celebrations!

Our Children’s Day celebrations on Sunday, October 4, 2015 was for everyone, regardless of their season in life!

When Pastor Gabriel Tan began the English services by wishing all children of God a blessed Children’s Day, it was a powerful reminder that we are first and foremost beloved children of our Heavenly Abba, who promises to watch over us and provides for all of our needs.

Following the time of praise and worship, the celebrations continued with a heart-warming song item performed by kids of different age groups. The children sang about God’s love for them and how His love is with them throughout the day.

Senior Pastor Joseph Prince then preached a powerful sermon that reminded the congregation that the power to break free from sin comes from knowing our righteous standing through the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Over at our children’s ministry Rock Kidz, many of our servers came dressed in animal-themed outfits and kept the children engaged with games and fun activities. There was also a special Bible-inspired storytelling session which taught the children that no matter how ordinary they think they are, they become extraordinary with Jesus in their lives! At the end of the session, each child also received a bag filled with goodies.


Celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee

“Greater things are still to be done in this city!” This line in the song God Of This City sung during praise and worship encapsulates our belief and hope for Singapore, our nation, our home.

Across our service venues on Sunday, 9 August 2015, we celebrated Singapore’s Jubilee year of independence with joy and faith in our God, the source of all good things.

Even before service began, temporary skin stickers with our National Day theme “New Creation Church Celebrates SG50:My Home, My Singapore” set the tone for the day’s celebrations. Worshippers streamed in to the service venues and it was a sea of red and white. On stage at The Star Performing Arts Centre, the choir was decked out in a kaleidoscope of colours and traditional outfits reflecting multicultural Singapore. During praise and worship, we declared that Jesus is the “God Of This City” and our light, hope and peace.

We joined the nation in a live crossover to a TV broadcast at 9am showing Singapore’s late founding prime minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, reading out the Proclamation Of Independence signed on 9 August 1965, declaring that Singapore “shall forever be a sovereign, independent nation”. The two-minute announcement was met with claps and the congregation then joined in to sing our National Anthem, Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore), and recite the National Pledge.

Pastor Lawrence Lim, who also led the church in partaking of the Holy Communion, then prayed for our island-nation, declaring that Singapore will be free from wars and plagues and seeking the Lord’s blessings for continued racial and religious harmony.

Our church family — young and old — then spoke through a pre-recorded video of what they thought of Singapore and prayed for the nation’s continued peace and prosperity.


New Creation Church SG50 Shout-out

The special item comprised Singapore folk songs from yesteryear, and Open My Heart, a song composed and producedby New Creation Church as a gift to the nation on its 50th birthday. It speaks of how we can open our hearts to see things from each other’s eyes, to know those around us better and be strong together. The song was first performed on 6 July 2015 at the “Harmony In Diversity” concert with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as the guest of honour.


Open My Heart

Pastor Lim Lian Neo spoke on how we should ask big, because we have a big God, who does exceedingly and abundantly above what we can ever ask or think (ref: Ephesians 3:20)!

“If you have not seen your manifestation, just keep resting in Him,” Pastor Lian told the congregation.

She reminded us that in the year of Jubilee, “Jesus is our Jubilee” as reflected in Leviticus 25:8–10. It is also the year of His restoration for our church, and we can boldly proclaim our liberty and restoration through Christ.

At the end of the service, the shofar (a ram’s horn) was blown to proclaim God’s restoration and jubilee in our lives.

At our children’s ministry Rock Kidz, the children enjoyed fun National Day themed games and activities. They also recounted the Lord’s goodness on the nation and put up their prayers for Singapore on handheld flags.

In the spirit of national unity, our congregation at the Chinese services recited the National Pledge in Mandarin and took photos together with celebratory SG50 signs and flags.


Youth Day Celebrations 2015

On Sunday, 26 July 2015, our church celebrated Youth Day with many talented young people from The Zone, our youth ministry, passionate for God and His kingdom.

The energetic youths greeted the congregation enthusiastically with their loud cheers and banners reflecting God’s promises, as they walked into The Star Performing Arts Centre and Marina Bay Sands Ballrooms. Those between the ages of 13 and 29 were also invited to step into The Zone where they will receive divine teachings which are applicable to their life stage and build kingdom friendships in the house of God.

During the services, our youth worship leaders and musicians led the church in worship, singing praises to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The congregation also participated actively by dancing along to some of the catchy praise songs celebrating the freedom and victory we have in Christ.

One of our youth ministry pastors, Pastor Lim Lian Neo, led the congregation to partake of the Holy Communion and shared that regardless of their age, they can remain young because their youth has been renewed like the eagle’s. She also encouraged congregation members aged 19 and above to sign up to serve in DARE, the youth group for secondary school students, to mentor and serve the next generation.

Some of the youth singers from The Zone also presented a special hip-hop item focusing on how nobody is too far gone or too lost to ask God for forgiveness. Their eyes glowed with radiance as they sang, beat-boxed and rapped about Christ’s sacrificial love for us, reminding the congregation once more of Jesus’ amazing grace and forgiveness.

The day’s sermon was a video playback of Senior Pastor Joseph Prince’s second message preached at the recent Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia. In the sermon, Pastor Prince encouraged believers and church leaders to ignite God’s resurrection power in every area of their lives by laying hold of the gospel of grace.

Right after the service, the youths also surprised church members by performing a flash mob dance at NCC Live on Level 5 of The Star Performing Arts Centre.