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Celebration Services 2015

Themed Glory To Glory, the special programme on Sunday, 17 May 2015 celebrated how the Lord in His goodness has blessed the church abundantly through the years. We also appreciated and showed our love for our Senior Pastor Joseph Prince, whose birthday falls on 15 May.

The day’s services began with a lively time of praise and worship, followed by the partaking of the Holy Communion together.

In his sermon, Pastor Prince shared that true repentance comes about when we have a fresh revelation of Jesus and His heart of goodness towards us. He also drew from John 20 to unveil the goodness and grace of the Lord in restoring peace and joy to His disciples even when they were overcome by fears and doubts.

In closing, Pastor Prince shared a testimony of a brother from Australia who experienced victory over destructive habits after believing in the gospel and the goodness of God.

Pastor Prince and the congregation members then enjoyed a light-hearted video put together by our pastors and the creative team. In it, our pastors gamely donned superhero outfits and acted in a hilarious skit revolving around an investigation of a missing letter from the preaching backdrop.

They then wrapped up the performance by singing a song on God’s “un-un-un-un-unmerited” favour — an ingenious spoof of the catchy song Unbelievable that went viral on social media recently.

At this point, Deacon Matthew Kang, Chairman of the church council, thanked Pastor Prince for faithfully preaching the gospel of grace and for unveiling Jesus to the people, causing them to be transformed from glory to glory.

Through live camera feeds to The Star Performing Arts Centre, congregation members from Marina Bay Sands and our secondary school youths from Shine Auditorium were seen waving from where they were seated to show their appreciation for Pastor Prince, while Grace Revolution Church in Dallas, the United States, sent a birthday greeting on video.

After Pastor Prince’s beloved wife Wendy and their children, Jessica and Justin, joined him on stage, the church sang a birthday song and birthday blessings over Pastor Prince.

Pastor Prince gave the glory to Jesus, and expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the pastors, volunteers and the church for their prayers and a memorable celebration.


Mother’s Day Celebrations 2015

Mothers are God’s precious gift to us. On Sunday, 3 May 2015, we took time to celebrate and appreciate this special group of ladies in our midst.

We celebrated mothers with a light-hearted song item sung to the tune of Let It Go from the popular animation Frozen. The whimsical parody brought much laughter to the congregation and was a tongue-in-cheek reminder to mothers that they can let go of their cares and let God see them through.

Before the start of his message, Pastor Lawrence Lim prayed over the mothers and declared God’s favour and wisdom over them. At the end of our services, all the mums present were blessed with a practical toiletry bag as a token of appreciation from the church.

Over at the Chinese services, mothers were also honoured and appreciated. They were blessed with a toiletry bag and a lovely paper carnation. At our children’s ministry Rock Kidz, older children had an enjoyable time making pretty paper crowns and rings for their mums.


Resurrection Sunday 2015

Our Resurrection Sunday services on 5 April 2015 opened with a stylised monologue of the story of creation, with God as the Master Painter who brought forth the sun, the moon, the stars and every living thing on the canvas of creation.

Yet, all this splendour paled in comparison to God’s masterpiece — man, who chose to paint his own world apart from his Creator and ruined his canvas with sin. At this point, Masterpiece, a rap by New Creation Worship, voiced the anguish of man’s painful separation from God and his ruinous state. Man’s dark canvas of misery was finally redeemed when he cried out to God and saw His masterstroke revealed — Jesus’ lacerated back, which points to His perfect redemptive work on the cross for sinful man. The performance ended with the song Finished, another piece by New Creation Worship. This song was also our Resurrection Sunday gift, available as a free MP3 download to the congregation.


Then, the beat of drums signalled the start of praise and worship, and the congregation worshipped the Lord as one, singing well-loved hymns such as When I Survey The Wondrous Cross and Because He Lives.

Pastor Daniel Chong led the congregation in an intimate time of Holy Communion, bringing to remembrance Christ the sacrificial Lamb of God, who redeemed them from sickness and diseases.

During the special item, a group of musicians and singers presented a song by New Creation Church Worship titled, See! My Saviour. The lyrics pointed poignantly to Jesus on the cross and the sufferings He endured to pay for our redemption. Throughout the song, an artist in our church was on stage painting on a black canvas with bold brush strokes of glue. As the song’s chorus declared, “See! My Saviour Jesus Christ”, gold glitter was released onto the canvas, unveiling a dazzling portrait of Jesus whose face sparkled and glowed in the light. There was no doubt that God’s masterstroke on the canvas of eternity is His Son, Jesus Christ.


In his Resurrection Sunday message, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince taught about Christ’s finished work on the cross and His resurrection, and encouraged believers to declare that they are righteous in Christ, which brings with it the bestowment of life. The animated video presentation of Jesus on the cross was shared once more to bring home His redemptive work and great love for us.

Resurrection Sunday was celebrated at our Chinese services and children’s ministry Rock Kidz on the same day. The little ones enjoyed lessons and activities centred on the Bible story of Abraham and Isaac which pointed to Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary and His relentless love for them.


Showing Love For Mr Lee Kuan Yew And Our Nation

On Monday, 23 March 2015, Singaporeans awoke to the sad news of the passing of their first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Thousands of our church volunteers pitched in within the week to honour his memory and to show our love and support for the nation on Sunday, 29 March 2015.

Marking Mr Lee’s passing in the services

Calling him a “leader of leaders”, Pastor Prince shared with the congregation that Mr Lee’s leadership was one that was unparalleled. He also expressed his gratitude towards the nation’s first Prime Minister who laid the foundation stones of modern-day Singapore.

Black ribbons were distributed to our congregation who pinned them on their shirts to mark the passing of Mr Lee. As a church, we observed a minute of silence in honour of Mr Lee at our English, Chinese and youth services. Pastor Lawrence Lim also prayed together with the church for the Lord’s comfort to be on Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his family during this difficult period.

During the third service, the sermon was interrupted to show the live broadcast of Mr Lee’s State Funeral Service. A minute of silence nationwide followed the sound of the trumpet blowing a solemn dirge at the State Funeral Service. The nation and our church then recited Singapore’s National Pledge and sung the National Anthem.

Our youth, Dominic Chin and Jermaine Leong, together with the worship team, also performed the song You First Believed. Senior Pastor Joseph Prince, who teaches the church to have a culture of honour and to show honour where it is due, had commissioned the youth to honour Mr Lee in a public way. Inspired, Dominic wrote the song and released it online in 2014. Little did Dominic know that after Mr Lee viewed the video, he would write a letter of appreciation to thank Dominic.

Showing our love and support at the State Funeral Procession

Besides attending the Sunday services, many of our volunteers lined the roads along the route of the State Funeral Procession of Mr Lee to honour the departed leader. They braved the rain to distribute free bottled water, food and umbrellas to the crowd who had gathered to await the passing of Mr Lee’s cortege. A 10 metre-long banner was also displayed on the roadside to show our love and appreciation to Mr Lee.


Chinese New Year Celebration Services 2015

蒙福得義, which is roughly translated as “receiving blessings and righteousness from the Lord”, was the theme for our Chinese New Year celebration services on Sunday, 22 February 2015. In an atmosphere of rejoicing, the services opened with a light-hearted Mandarin music video titled Blessed (蒙福). Produced by our creative team, the video was shot in a single take. To capture the best shot, the crew and performers repeated the entire song with choreography 24 times!


Following the opening music video, the Worship team led the congregation in a lively Mandarin medley, 真正好 (Truly Good), a sweet reminder of Jesus’ goodness and the blessedness of knowing Him. Another highlight of the day’s praise and worship was the use of the guzheng, a Chinese zither, with an acoustic set-up which gave the song 10,000 Reasons a touch of East-meets-West flavour.

The festivities continued after an anointed time of Holy Communion led by Pastor Daniel Chong. Servers from our Visual Arts and Worship ministries, broke into an upbeat retro dance number and a quirky medley of popular Hokkien, Mandarin and English songs that had the congregation bursting into peals of laughter.

As the loud, high energy performances winded down, the congregation was treated to a behind-the-scenes video intro to a second special music video — Shepherd (牧者), a song inspired by Psalm 23. Staff and volunteers from our creative team had braved the elements outdoors to put together this moving music video reminding believers that Jesus is the good Shepherd who not only restores and prospers their souls, but also provides for them abundantly.

Rounding up the day’s fun and meaningful programme was a powerful sermon delivered in English by Pastor Mark Ng, our Chinese Ministry pastor. In his message, he encouraged believers to take their eyes off their lack and look instead to Jesus, the One who has no lack and whose heart is willing to supply and restore so much more to them. In closing, Pastor Mark pronounced a prayer of divine provision and protection over the people.

Church members attending Rock Kidz, our children’s ministry, and the combined Hokkien and Mandarin service also came decked out in festive colours and bright shades of red, a colour that symbolises blessings and good fortune in Chinese culture.