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Vision Sunday 2015

On 4 January 2015, the first Sunday of the year, thousands of churchgoers packed our service venues with expectant hearts to receive the theme of the year, and to hear God’s heartbeat for His people through our Senior Pastor Joseph Prince.

Our Vision Sunday services opened with a stunning laser dance item. The creative team used interweaving laser light staging and handheld laser beams to create prismatic visual effects that were in sync with the pulsating music and the dancers’ lithe movements.

But what made the performance truly unforgettable was the dazzling appearance of the “mirror man” whose reflective suit, made up of tiny glass mosaic tiles, sent opalescent light beams in all directions — a picture of the blessed man who reflects and radiates the glory of God! It also mirrors how the broken shards of our lives are pieced together to form beautiful tapestries of light as God’s glory shines on us.


Then at the invitation of the worship team, everyone rose to their feet to praise and worship the Lord. Towards the end, Pastor Lawrence Lim led the church in a prayer for those affected by the recent AirAsia plane crash and prayed specifically for an end to the spate of flight disasters in the region that took place in 2014. This was followed by an anointed time of Holy Communion and an electrifying item featuring three guitars, a keytar and a quartet of singers magnifying our awesome God above the circumstances we may face.


In his message, Pastor Prince declared that 2015 would a year of His restoration, a year when God will restore much more, both in quantity and quality, than what was lost or stolen from His people. Then, Pastor Prince took time to expound from the Bible three key areas that God would restore to His children, namely their wasted years, souls, and health. (Ref: Joel 2:25, Psalm 23:3 and Jeremiah 30:17)

Pastor Prince also shared a special video animation to illustrate and drive home the message on how God will bring broken pieces in our lives together and make them beautiful in Christ.


And in another video presentation, Pastor Prince emphasised the importance of resting and depending on Jesus’ finished work to receive God’s restoration.


The services culminated in a powerful time of prayer as Pastor Prince pronounced God’s divine protection over His people, and encouraged them to speak forth their restoration in Christ in the year ahead. Click here to download The Year Of His Restoration wallpapers!



Thanksgiving Sunday Services 2014

As 2014, themed the year of greater glory for our church, came to a close, our church came together to give thanks to the Lord for all that He has done for us and through us.

Our Thanksgiving Sunday services on 28 December 2014 opened with an item featuring a beautiful medley of songs. Familiar favourites such as Great Is Thy Faithfulness and How Great Is Our God reminded our congregation that God is forever faithful and sovereign in their lives. This led to an uplifting time of praise and worship in God’s presence.

A video review followed after the Holy Communion, bringing a flood of fond memories as we remembered how God has blessed us throughout the year.


Among the highlights was the memorable dance by our Visual Arts dancers who took to LED light suits on Vision Sunday 2014, the powerful Resurrection Sunday animation of Jesus’ finished work on the cross, our Youth Day and National Day celebrations, the special Trinity Broadcasting Network recording service, and our very first Gift Of Love 2014 project where our members went in droves to buy and deliver essential items to the less privileged families. And who could forget the hilarious performances put up by our pastors for Senior Pastor Joseph Prince’s birthday!

One event stood out among the many great things God has done for the church. It was the word He gave to Pastor Prince on the first Sunday of the year when he declared that 2014 would to be a year of gross darkness for the world while the church would shine forth the glory of God in greater measure. (Isaiah 60:1-5)

As Pastor Prince took to the pulpit, he imparted a fresh revelation on these very verses, teaching that God’s radiance would be reflected on His people when they look to Jesus as their salvation.

After the sermon, as is an annual tradition for our church, Pastor Prince led the congregation in presenting their three prayer requests to the Lord. The service then ended with the congregation looking forward to the following week expecting a fresh direction from the Lord for 2015.



Christmas Celebrations 2014 — The Coming King

For thousands of years, the prophets spoke of His birth. In the little town of Bethlehem, the world would receive her much-anticipated King — Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.

On Sunday, 21 December 2014, our Christmas celebrations themed The Coming King opened with the classic hymn Tell Me The Story Of Jesus and ballerinas dancing gracefully against a backdrop of falling snow flakes. The congregation was then brought back in time to old Jerusalem where the wise men of the East, on a search for baby Jesus, encountered King Herod, who ordered a massacre of all baby boys under the age of two. Heart-wrenching scenes of mothers crying over their lost children brought the tragedy home, while a duet of a desolate mother and a young maiden happy and safe in our Lord Jesus pointed poignantly to God's loss of His only Son to bring us — His beloveds — faith hope and love.

So just as Jesus' birth was in a time of great oppression under King Herod's tyranny, we know that amid the world's chaos, we can lift up our heads and anticipate Jesus' return as The Coming King.

The musical ended on a uplifting note with the song Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, our King, the One who will bring us victory through the perilous times in the world today, through the end-time Bible prophecies unfolding before our very eyes.


Inspired and moved, worshippers jumped to their feet and broke into exuberant song, praising Jesus and celebrating Christmas with well-loved carols. This was followed by a time of Holy Communion and a special item by a group of singers and cute young kids ringing bells.


When Senior Pastor Joseph Prince came on stage, he continued worshipping Jesus. The sweet presence of the Lord was strong and many were raised their hands to testify that they were healed or touched where they stood.

Through his message, Pastor Prince reminded the congregation to hold dear to the truth of John 3:16. He also reminded them of God’s immeasurable love, such that He willingly gave up His Son, Jesus Christ — God’s best gift to mankind, and the only gift that keeps on giving.

“I have been following the church’s Facebook page and have seen glimpses of the rehearsal. I am so blessed to see the complete performance today and to hear the word shared by Pastor Prince. God’s love is truly beautiful and nothing can separate me from Him!” shared 41-year-old church member June Boey.

This celebrative mood could also be felt outside our theatre and meeting halls. The church's leaders, ushers and ambassadors welcomed congregation members to church with Christmas greetings, warm handshakes and candy cane treats. And over at Marina Bay Sands ballrooms, choir members decked out in bright red checked shirts spread festive cheer to our congregation with lively Christmas carols before and after the services. Our Chinese Ministry and Rock Kidz (children’s ministry) also had their share of fun — singing and dancing in the house of God. What a joyous way to celebrate the birth of Jesus!



The Benjamin Generation Celebrates!

On Sunday, 6 July 2014, our church marked Youth Day with a service that featured many talents from The Zone, our youth ministry.

As members stepped into The Star Performing Arts Centre and Marina Bay Sands Ballrooms, they were greeted with rousing welcomes and even songs by youths holding placards. During the services, the youths helmed the kick-off announcement, praise and worship, and the special item which featured youths rapping, beat boxing, skateboarding, doing yo-yo stunts, dancing and singing. 

The youths injected much vibrancy and vigour into the services with their talents and heart to serve. Their enthusiasm and energy rubbed off on the other members in the congregation, who were encouraged to believe that the Lord renews their youth and that they are part of the Benjamin Generation favoured by the Lord.

Even the Communion elements used on that day were aptly labelled with a sticker, Jesus Renews My Youth!

Who could forget the humorous video of Pastor Lawrence Lim and Pastor Gabriel Tan at the beach “taking the day off” from their Sunday duties because the youths were in charge that week? Or the bright neon graphics and lyrics that flashed across the LED screens during praise and worship?

A particularly moving moment was when the video testimony of Evita Widjaya, a youth from The Zone, was played. She shared about her miraculous healing from cancer — truly God wants His children to live in divine health.

Citing Bible examples of Joseph and Esther who gained favour in spite of their tough circumstances, the sermon by Senior Pastor Joseph Prince reiterated that God wants us to reign in every area of our lives through His grace and His gift of righteousness. (Romans 5:17)

And after the 4th service, many adults and youths stayed on to dance and sing for joy before the Lord during a time of extended praise and worship.

What a joyful and exuberant round-up to a glorious day!


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Honouring Our Fathers

As a church, we celebrated our daddies on Sunday, 15 June 2014, which was also Father’s Day in Singapore.

The creative media team presented a heart-tugging item from the perspective of a wayward child, with strong, emotional lyrics that reflected a father’s immense heart of love for his offspring. The item closed with a recitation from 1 John 3:1 — “Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called the children of God!” — driving home the assurance that our heavenly Father holds us in His strong hands, no matter what comes our way.

At the end of the service, Pastor Prince prayed blessings of long life, divine health, strength, rest, rejuvenation and provision over the fathers. He also declared that as they experience God’s love, they shall be free from fears and become His beacons of light.

The church also showed its appreciation for each father present through the gift of a mobile Bluetooth speaker, a useful gadget which they could use to listen to sermons or their favourite praise and worship songs.

Similar celebrations also took place at our Hokkien and Mandarin services that day.