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Honouring Our Fathers

As a church, we celebrated our daddies on Sunday, 15 June 2014, which was also Father’s Day in Singapore.

The creative media team presented a heart-tugging item from the perspective of a wayward child, with strong, emotional lyrics that reflected a father’s immense heart of love for his offspring. The item closed with a recitation from 1 John 3:1 — “Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called the children of God!” — driving home the assurance that our heavenly Father holds us in His strong hands, no matter what comes our way.

At the end of the service, Pastor Prince prayed blessings of long life, divine health, strength, rest, rejuvenation and provision over the fathers. He also declared that as they experience God’s love, they shall be free from fears and become His beacons of light.

The church also showed its appreciation for each father present through the gift of a mobile Bluetooth speaker, a useful gadget which they could use to listen to sermons or their favourite praise and worship songs.

Similar celebrations also took place at our Hokkien and Mandarin services that day.


Blessed Birthday Pastor Prince!

On Sunday, 11 May 2014, the church put together a special programme to celebrate Pastor Prince’s birthday in advance and to appreciate and honour him for faithfully preaching the unadulterated gospel of grace.

Praise and worship kicked off with a special video montage on the revelation of God’s grace in the body of Christ from generation to generation, and how it is still impacting His people today.

Amutha T. is one of the many whose life has been transformed by the gospel of grace. “I thank God for Pastor Prince. His ministry has blessed me tremendously. I used to be depressed and have thoughts of suicide. But today, I want to live for Jesus and I know He has the best in store for me!”

One of the programme highlights was the skit put up by our pastors, and Visual Arts and Worship servers. This in-house production was based on memorable incidents that Pastor Prince had encountered and shared over the pulpit, starting from the time when he was a young man loving the Word, to finally leaving his comfort zone to embark on his God-given calling to the growth of the church and the spread of the gospel of grace. These events showed how wave upon wave of God's grace was showered on our beloved senior pastor and the church.

This was followed by a song item and photo collage of Pastor Prince’s ministry and life over the years. The song’s meaningful lyrics brought into perspective how Jesus is more important than anything in the world today and how He is the focus of the ministry.

The celebration climaxed with a birthday song from the church, leaders and pastors after Pastor Prince’s wife Wendy and their two children, Jessica and Justin, joined him on stage. He also saw the congregation at Marina Bay Sands and Shine Auditorium waving their hands enthusiastically to express their love and appreciation via live camera feeds during the second service.

Pastor Prince gave thanks to the Lord for all that He has done in his life, and expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the congregation for their prayers and support down through the years.


Celebrating Our Mothers

On Sunday, 4 May 2014, thousands of mothers were acknowledged and appreciated at all four of our English services as well as at our Hokkien and Mandarin services.

A classic number from the late eighties, Goodnight Kiss, was presented by the creative team to pay tribute to the mothers in the house. The impactful and emotional lyrics told of a mother’s reluctance to say goodbye to those days when she could kiss her baby goodnight. Each sentence tugged at the heartstrings of many mums. “The song is very beautiful and it reminds me to cherish this time when my children are still young,” shared Stephanie Tan, a mother of three.

During her sermon, Pastor Lim Lian Neo, the speaker for the day, shared the importance of staying in peace by trusting in the Lord. She also assured the mothers that when they rest in God, He would take care of their children.

Towards the end of each service, Pastor Lian pronounced a blessing over all the mothers and prayed that they would enjoy greater intimacy with the Lord as the days passed, and grow in wisdom and strength for the different roles they play as mothers, wives and daughters.

As an expression of its love and appreciation for the mothers, the church presented them with a special card, chocolates and on Sunday, 18 May 2014, a bear shaped tote bag. Some mums received personalised art pieces too, created by their little ones under the guidance of their Rock Kidz teachers.

Over at the Hokkien and Mandarin services, the mothers were also blessed by Pastor Christina Wee’s sermon, a special drama and song items in celebration of them.

Beloveds, as a church, let’s continue to pray for God’s protection and wisdom upon all our mums and for them to experience a greater measure of God’s love in the days to come!



Resurrection Sunday 2014

Sunday, 20 April 2014 marked a special Resurrection Sunday celebration. Thousands of church members arrived early at all our service venues to celebrate our risen Lord and His victory over death.

The service began with a spectacular live performance which seamlessly fused a series of video projections. It was then followed by a grand exaltation of Jesus' sacrificial death and resurrection by a chorus of singers and an orchestra of musicians.

In the backdrop, poignant scenes of Jesus’ sufferings from the movie The Passion Of The Christ played up the day's theme that revolved around Jesus’ victory over death and the enemy. A session of praise and worship continued as the church lifted up the name of Jesus.

In his Resurrection Sunday sermon, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince reiterated Christ’s overpayment of our sins that gave us perfect forgiveness. Pastor Prince also declared that believers are now free from the fear of death because Jesus has removed death’s sting by dying on the cross!

To bring home the message why we can be seated with Christ, Pastor Prince shared an awe-inspiring animated video presentation of what happened to Jesus during His final hours on the cross. Minutes of silence filled the service venues as the congregation watched the divine exchange take place with sin, death and sickness imputed to Jesus in exchange for our righteousness, eternal life and wholeness in Him.

The church also celebrated a double piece of good news when it was announced that the service would be broadcast on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) across America and the world. You can catch the programme Joseph Prince Easter Special on *Monday, 21 April 2014 at 12.30pm (Singapore Time).

*Pacific Time: Sunday, 20 April 2014 at 9.30pm


2014 Chinese New Year Celebrations

Sunday, 2 February 2014 marked the third day of the Chinese New Year and a day of celebrations in the house of God! Festivities began as the worship team broke into exuberant worship and first up on the list was a light-hearted Hokkien piece — Jin Jia Ho or Truly Good. Worshippers swayed and clapped to the beat as they sang the words that testified of a blessed life in Christ Jesus.

To add to the festive vibe, our Worship and Visual Arts ministries servers combined Chinese painting with traditional dance and music. Throughout the performance, everyone was enthralled by the melodious, crystalline music from the gu zheng that sublimely complemented the mellow, wafting sound of the flute.

One of the highlights of the day, was the screening of New Creation Church’s first-ever short film, Home. “The story is very touching and the message really hit home,” shared Janine Tan, a churchgoer.

This thought-provoking film revolved around Martha, a homemaker who had lost sight of life’s true treasures in her busy preparation for Chinese New Year. As the story unfolded, people’s hearts were warmed as they were once again reminded of God’s precious gift of family.

Pastor Mark Ng also came on to deliver God’s rhema Word for the season with his trademark sense of humour, unveiling Jesus with lively anecdotes and analogies. Faith was raised as Pastor Mark declared that with Jesus, the bright and morning star, in their lives, believers are marked for a lifetime of blessings.

The two celebration services culminated in a special New Year blessing over the people.