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Healed Of Piles


I suffered from piles for a few months. Though they had not created any pain or trouble for me, I was rather bothered by them. I was very shy about this condition, and did not ask anyone for prayers.

During this period, I would check on the piles every time I bathed and would ask Abba Father why they were still there. I would often declare “by His stripes, I am healed” and “as Jesus is without piles, so am I in this world”.

Then, on Sunday 19 March 2017, Pastor Gabriel Tan shared a testimony of a pastor in church who was healed of olive-sized piles.

Immediately, I reached out to receive my miracle and freedom from my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and declared, “Amen, I am healed and freed from it too in Jesus’ name!”

I was also reminded of what I had read in Pastor Prince’s book, The Power Of Right Believing, a few years ago. In Chapter 18, page 283 to 296, he talked about the healing account of lady with the issue of blood in the Bible. In it, he shared that Jesus did not despise the lepers who came to Him and how good and gracious He was to those who were down-and-out.

What she heard about Jesus produced in her a positive, confident expectation of good as seen in what she declared. The hope she had in the goodness of Jesus became faith and this faith gave her boldness to press through the crowd and receive her healing from Jesus.

I thank Pastor Prince for teaching us on the importance of guarding what we hear (ref.: Roans 10:17). And hearing messages that are full of the good news of Jesus, would give us faith, Amen!

The next morning, on Monday, 20 March 2017, the piles that I had disappeared!



The writer has requested anonymity.


  • Proclamation
  • prayer
  • healing



Freed From Pornography Addiction


I attended New Creation Church for the first time on Sunday, 3 January 2016. Back then, I was from another faith but did not have much understanding on it.

That Sunday, Pastor Prince preached about the love of God and how much He loves me despite me being unworthy. From then, I was drawn by the Word of God and I started attending New Creation Church regularly with my family.

I also started reading up books by Pastor Prince and was hungry for God’s Word. Miraculously, my mind was so occupied with Jesus and His Word that I was no longer drawn to pornography. God freed my mind from the addiction within a short span of time when I just kept my focus on Him!

Hallelujah! Now, I am set free from the addiction and is a better person. To God be the glory.

Thank you, Pastor Prince for preaching the love of God! Amen!




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  • transformation



Driver And Passengers Saved From Accident


On 29 April 2017, I was driving my passengers towards Tuas along the Pan-Island Expressway. There were three adults and a baby sitting in the passenger seats at the back. We were conversing when I passed a speed limit sign and started to slow down.

What happened in the next couple of seconds was completely unexpected. Something hit my front passenger’s door and forced me to move to the lane which was just beside me.

When I turned to see what hit me, I could only see an overturned vehicle on the road shoulder. Then, I had to turn my attention to the road ahead of me and steer my car straight.

When the car finally pulled to a stop, I could only look down and say, “Thank You, Jesus.” One of the passengers, who is also a believer, repeated the same thing.

When we checked the car, we realised that the left door could not be opened and the left windscreen was completely shattered.

My car was right in front and the vehicles at the back started to pile up.

We left the car only when a traffic police came to help and allow us to cross over to the recovery lane. When we exited, we commented that only Jesus could have protected us. We were very glad to be alive and unharmed.

When I managed to pull myself together, I proceeded to the rear of the accident scene where my car was and realised that several other cars were involved in the accident.

Apparently, one of them had flipped to its side but managed to miraculously turn over upright again. The driver was mildly injured and had to be taken to the hospital. The other vehicles involved were a large lorry, a saloon car that had hit me, and another vehicle with a mildly scratched front bumper.

When I returned to where my passengers were, something even more astounding happened.

A yellow taxi flew and fell on to the back of my stationary car right before our very eyes. A motorcyclist who wanted to avoid the taxi, swerved to the side and skidded. The motorcyclist rolled on the ground and stood up quickly before the bike got hit by other vehicles.

Had we been still standing where our car was, the outcome would be unimaginable.

Through this all, I want to give God the glory and thank Him for His mighty hand of protection on me and my passengers. Just earlier in the day, I had partaken of the Holy Communion declaring His protection, health and blessing over me and my family.

I believe Jesus’ blood covers us and He never leaves us nor forsakes us even when we are undeserving. Thank You, Jesus!


The writer has requested for anonymity.


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