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Life Transformed After Learning About Grace, And Successfully Delivered A Baby


In 2006, I contracted Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks healthy tissues). I had to be under medication to suppress the symptoms, and the process to control the outbreaks of the disease over the years was very painful.

I came from a traditional church where the teaching was based on the law and full of condemnation. Under such teaching, I developed severe depression. Thinking that I was demon-possessed, the church leaders tried to cast the devil out of me. This caused me to spiral deeper into condemnation, guilt and depression.

I attempted suicide three times and was hostile to my family. I was bitter and couldn’t forgive myself and others. I was suffering inside and my health deteriorated further.

During this time, I came to know about Pastor Prince’s teachings, and started attending a care group. Since embracing the gospel of grace, I began to understand that God’s love is unconditional and that He still loves me in spite of my shortcomings. I don’t have to “clean” myself before I go to the Lord to receive His love.

Every day, I would partake of the Holy Communion and declare that there would a glorious restoration in every area of my life.

In May 2016, my medication was reduced to a minimum. My husband and I started to try for a baby but to no avail. I was worried that it was caused by my heavy reliance on medication previously. I kept meditating on God’s Word even though I was upset. I also remembered that my current pastor used to quote Pastor Prince’s words, that “right believing leads to right living”.

So I began to change my mindset and look to the Lord instead. Though I was undeserving, I knew that God is still willing to bless me. Praise Jesus, I finally became pregnant! On 6 April 2017, I gave birth to a healthy baby.

I no longer indulge in self-pity and am able to forgive those who had hurt me in the past. I really believe there will be a grace revolution in the whole of China and that God’s glory will manifest in the churches here.


Xiao Shu


  • Listening
  • Holy Communion
  • children
  • transformation
  • Conception



Life Restored After Leaning On God’s Grace


I have been a Christian since I was three years old, when my aunt first brought me to church. Back then, having heard about Jesus’ love and what He had done for us, my faith in him grew strong.

Since then, John 3:16 has been my favourite verse. I also realised that I always had more than enough favour and blessings on my life.

I could even love the ones that didn't exactly treat me very well in school. Once, one of the school bullies asked me why I could treat her with love despite her trying to put me down all the time.

I said, “With faith — we love because God first loved us.” She then told me she had been jealous of me. I went on to forgive her and ever since then, she became a believer.

However, when I grew up, I became proud and arrogant, thinking I had a part to play in my successes. What a deadly mistake! As the old saying goes, pride always comes before a huge tumbling fall, my life went into total chaos.

Whatever could go wrong, went wrong. My debts piled up despite my high-paying job. My husband and I started to become estranged and my family relationships began to break down.

Though I attended church every Sunday, my faith in God was nowhere to be found. It seemed like I was just listening without processing what I was hearing. I was so full of myself that I thought I didn't need Jesus to be successful.

I came to a point where I was in a suicidal state. I felt that there was no purpose in life and I kept asking God to bring me home.

I was breaking down — physically and mentally. One day in 2015, I felt the burden on my shoulders becoming so huge that I broke down. It was at this moment when my three-year-old son, who had been attending Rock Kidz (our children’s ministry), came to me and said, "Mummy, don't cry. Jesus loves you. Bible said so. He will help you."

It was then that my eyes were opened and my burdens relieved. Yes! The answer is always Jesus. I was so lost in my pride and works that I forgot to look to Jesus.

After the realisation, I started to walk with God and talk to him constantly. To make things short, not only did my life turn around, I started to experience overflowing blessings. My debts were cleared despite the economy downturn, my relationship with my husband became sweeter than ever before and we were blessed with another son! My family relationship also improved and I even got promoted.

I can only say that it is the grace of God that truly transformed my life. All glory to Jesus!


The writer has requested anonymity.


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No Longer Living A Life Of Defeat


I am 46 years old and had suffered from major depression throughout my entire life. It intensified in my late 30s.

I was raised as a Christian and throughout my life, my mother has been very concerned about me. As a child, she would bring me to prayer partners or pastors for prayers. I remember experiencing the touch of God on numerous occasions after leaving these meetings.

However, I was very stubborn. I did not know how to move forward and would end up backsliding and drifting away from God. I became an easy target for the enemy and bought into so many of his lies and accusations. This almost destroyed my life. I attempted suicide three times, overdosing on my medications and had to be admitted into the intensive care unit.

I blamed God numerous times for my situation and would even curse Him. I felt that if He loved me so much then why would He allow Satan to make me feel so bad?

Every time I tried to get back on the saddle in my walk with God, I would feel His touch, but soon afterwards, I would do a spiritual face-plant. The enemy would accuse me, and it would take root in my mind. I would spin out of control and fall into another depression. I never felt I could live up to a standard of being worthy of God.

About two years ago, I began listening to Pastor Joseph Prince. The gospel of grace has changed my entire world. The work that God is doing through his ministry is just awesome. It has given me success in my walk with God.

Now, I know that I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Knowing that my standing with God is wrapped up in Jesus, I have learnt to keep my feelings separate from my identity. I have learnt not to trust in my feelings alone, but to always go back to being conscious of my right standing in Christ.


Joseph Jette


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