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Experienced Manifold Blessings All Because Of Jesus


I have been saved since I was six and had been going to church regularly until my early 20s. Since young, I had the idea that I would be harshly judged by God for everything I’ve done in life and that I needed to be perfect to be a Christian. As a result, I put off going to church for many years because I wanted to get my life right first.

In February 2013, I left my marital home due to a dispute with my in-laws. My spouse and I had a good relationship, and we tried to keep the marriage going, but subsequently, he chose his parents over me and made the decision to proceed with a divorce instead.

In April 2013, my parents invited me to New Creation Church (NCC). Pastor Prince’s sermon was a refreshing change from what I thought I knew about the Word. I felt free, forgiven and I could see hope for the future. I made a decision to recommit my life to the Lord and I have seen His promises manifest manifold in my life.

In that same year, I started dating a fellow believer who was attending another church. He was a divorcee with a daughter. We enjoyed each other's company but it was not all smooth sailing; our relationship was often shaky and we never had marriage in sight for us.

However, we decided that we would both attend NCC together. In April 2014, I started serving in the children’s ministry Rock Kidz. I believe it is my calling as my teenage years were rebellious and difficult. I felt it is important to build a good foundation for a child than to mend a wayward teen or adult later.

Serving our Lord is one of the best decisions I have made in life. My boyfriend's daughter who did not want to attend Sunday school previously due to a bad experience, had also started attending Rock Kidz and enjoying it.

God has blessed me with more than the little time I have given Him. I received a glowing work appraisal for 2014 and was blessed with a five-month bonus — the highest I have ever received, and higher than the company average, along with a significant pay raise.

In 2015, my boyfriend and I decided to commit ourselves to come under God’s covenant for us — marriage. We got married in June 2015 and have been so blessed since.

God blessed my husband with a job offer that came with a 33 per cent increment. Despite our still trying financial circumstances, we purchased our first property in September 2015. In November 2015, I accepted a job offer with a 48 per cent increment. At this point, we wanted to have a baby but I did not have my period since August 2015.

In December 2015, at the referral of our General Practitioner, we went to see a gynaecologist and were told that I might have polycystic ovary syndrome and there was no ovulation. I rebuked this symptom, and started to apply the anointing oil, believing our Lord for a baby.

In early 2016, at one of our church services, Pastor Prince encouraged us to confess the Word in our prayer. I began confessing that there were no barren women in God’s kingdom, neither am I. The Bible says that we are to be fruitful and multiply, so shall my husband and I be.

In March 2016, my stepdaughter started asking for a sibling. I did not know how to reply her so one day, I told her to put her hand on my tummy and pray. She prayed out loud and we both said Amen.

A few weeks later, I tested positive on a pregnancy test kit. After our gynae check-up, we realised that the date of conception was just a day or two after her prayer!

I'm writing this in the delivery suite right now, and my full-term pregnancy has been smooth sailing, pain-free and symptom-free. Also, every single test result came back with a glowing praise report. Even as the machine is showing that I'm contracting every three minutes, I do not feel any pain and the nurses are surprised.

In fact, I was sent to the delivery suite after a routine check-up revealed that I was three centimetres dilated and having contractions. I was not surprised because my husband and I attended NCC's pre-natal seminar and were taught that the pain of childbirth is the curse of the law and because we have been redeemed from the curse through Jesus’ finished work on the cross, pregnancy can be enjoyable.

The contractions in the final hour were challenging but I'm happy to share that we delivered a beautiful and healthy baby boy. I hope my testimony brings glory to His name. All glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour.


The writer has requested anonymity.


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No Longer Living A Life Of Defeat


I am 46 years old and had suffered from major depression throughout my entire life. It intensified in my late 30s.

I was raised as a Christian and throughout my life, my mother has been very concerned about me. As a child, she would bring me to prayer partners or pastors for prayers. I remember experiencing the touch of God on numerous occasions after leaving these meetings.

However, I was very stubborn. I did not know how to move forward and would end up backsliding and drifting away from God. I became an easy target for the enemy and bought into so many of his lies and accusations. This almost destroyed my life. I attempted suicide three times, overdosing on my medications and had to be admitted into the intensive care unit.

I blamed God numerous times for my situation and would even curse Him. I felt that if He loved me so much then why would He allow Satan to make me feel so bad?

Every time I tried to get back on the saddle in my walk with God, I would feel His touch, but soon afterwards, I would do a spiritual face-plant. The enemy would accuse me, and it would take root in my mind. I would spin out of control and fall into another depression. I never felt I could live up to a standard of being worthy of God.

About two years ago, I began listening to Pastor Joseph Prince. The gospel of grace has changed my entire world. The work that God is doing through his ministry is just awesome. It has given me success in my walk with God.

Now, I know that I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Knowing that my standing with God is wrapped up in Jesus, I have learnt to keep my feelings separate from my identity. I have learnt not to trust in my feelings alone, but to always go back to being conscious of my right standing in Christ.


Joseph Jette


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Protected From Accident With No Broken Bones!


On 2 December 2016, I was driving along South Buona Vista Road. There were five of us in the car including myself, my wife, my 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter and a fellow server from church, Cleo.

At about 11.25pm, our car reached a bend and suddenly, we heard a screeching sound coming from the opposite lane. Then, I saw the headlights of a car approaching straight towards us.

My wife shouted “Jesus!” And at that moment, I felt someone holding my left hand and steering our car to the left. The next thing we knew, our car got hit and it spun to the right. As for the car that hit us, it went on to hit the railing before stopping at around 50 to 60 metres away from my lane.

I heard my children screaming in the backseat. When I turned around and that saw that everyone was safe, I took a deep breath and said, “Thank You, Jesus!” I then got out of the car to examine the damages and realised that my right rear tyre and the right side of the car body were badly hit.

In fact, Cleo was supposed to alight at a bus stop earlier but stayed on as we would be passing by her place and could drop her closer to home. Because of this, she was able to hug my children during the collision and pulled them away from the right side of the car. At that point, I truly appreciate Pastor Prince for sharing Psalm 91, the psalm of protection, with the church and for praying for us every Sunday. I believe God had shielded us from this accident and kept death at bay.

After the accident, I was brought to the hospital for observation as I had experienced pain running down from my neck to my waist. It turned out that I had a spongy muscle in my spine area and had to see a specialist in a few weeks’ time.

On 7 December 2016, I went back to the hospital as I was still experiencing pain in my back. This time around, the doctors discovered that I had a hairline crack in my neck bone and my pelvis was also slightly chipped. I was told to rest as much as possible. The doctor even wanted me to be admitted to the hospital immediately.

However, I told the doctor to give us some time. We asked our fellow servers to keep me in prayer. My family also prayed, applied the anointing oil on the affected spot for me. I also declared that as Jesus is whole and has no broken bones, so am I.

I then told the doctor I did not want to be admitted and requested that he put me through further tests. He agreed after I signed the indemnity form, stating that they would not be held responsible should anything happen to me.

I was scheduled to see a specialist on 9 December 2016 at 3.50pm. At around 3.43pm, a fellow server sent me a message saying that God was working things out for me and miracles would manifest. I replied her saying that I believed that Jesus works miracles and I would receive a favourable answer from the doctor.

Shortly after, the specialist told me that my X-rays revealed that there were no cracks in my bones. What the doctor saw previously could be my ageing bones. Other than that, I was perfectly fine and I need not worry. Upon hearing this, my tears rolled down uncontrollably.

Since that day, my back has been healed and I have not gone back to the doctors.

Our God is so good! Thank You, Lord Jesus, for loving me so much.


Michael Kelly


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