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Undeserved And Unmerited Blessing In New Career


At the beginning of 2016, a new manager took over our department. Somehow, she didn’t like me and kept making things difficult for me.

I dreaded going to work every day and had to listen to many sermons and motivational videos at night to “recharge” so that I could have the strength to go to work the next day.

Time after time, God spoke to me through people, sermons and even promptings, to leave my job and that He had something better for me. But I just didn’t have the courage to leave because it was my first job after graduation.

It affected my health but I still held onto my job until I really couldn’t take it any longer and left in July 2016. I left the office feeling as if a 10,000-tonne weight had just lifted off my shoulders. I felt so relieved and at peace.

I started my job search. One month passed, two months passed, but still no result. I read in the news that Singapore might be entering technical recession and companies were having massive retrenchments.

Fear started to set in. “What if I remain unemployed for too long and companies become less willing to hire me? What if I would never ever going to get a job? What am I going to do with my bills?”

At that point, I finally understood what Pastor Prince meant when he said we ought to read the good news which is the Bible, rather than the bad news — the newspapers. The knowledge of a weak job market and becoming fearful as a result, did nothing to help me get a job. Instead, it was counterproductive.

Along the way, I read and heard testimonies about how other people had possessed their possessions. People who lost their job found something even better. I had faith and believed, but it did not happen to me. I wondered when I would be able to receive my restoration like the testimonies I had heard.

Friends in church began to share their testimonies on how they had found better jobs after going through something similar. But the more I heard their testimonies, the more bitter I grew towards God and at myself for quitting without a job. I felt ashamed and condemned for not being able to keep my job for a year and for a fresh graduate, this did not look good on my résumé.

Nevertheless, I kept listening to the Word and attending Sunday services. Although nothing seemed to be entering my mind, something was entering into my heart. I felt encouraged and uplifted each time I heard the Word. I stopped focusing on getting a job, but putting my trust in God for provision. Since He had provided for so many people whose testimonies I had heard, I believe He would provide for me.

Just like boiling a pot of soup, the longer you simmer it, the better the taste. Likewise, the longer I waited for my restoration, the better it seemed to get.

On 24 November 2016, I got a call from a multinational oil trading company offering me a job. I was also told that the start date would likely be in January 2017 but instead, I started work the following week — God wanted me to possess my possession in 2016!

It was really an undeserved and unmerited blessing because this role required someone who has a Master’s degree with at least two to three years of experience, whereas I am only a fresh graduate with no relevant experience.

When I was an undergraduate, I had wanted to go into oil trading, but there was no opportunity as the industry was going through a tough time. Since then, I had completely forgotten about my passion for it and did not think that I would have the chance to enter this industry.

But God remembered. He called me out of my previous job because He has prepared something even better for me!


The writer has requested anonymity.


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Marriage Restored And Family Blessed


In 2010, my relationship with my wife turned really bad after the birth of our second child. As young parents, we were not able to cope with two young children who were a year apart. Things got worse when we became stressed at work. We quarrelled frequently and had less time with each other. Our lives seemed to revolve around the children and work. We finally separated and engaged lawyers to end the relationship. My wife and children moved to stay with my in-laws.

At this darkest point in our lives, God divinely arranged for us to attend New Creation Church without each other’s knowledge. When I found out that my wife and children were attending the same church as me, I suggested fetching them to church every week.

Though things were still gloomy, both my wife and I chose to fix our eyes on Jesus as our only way to salvation. Weeks of hearing Pastor Prince's sermons and learning about what Jesus had done for us slowly set us free from stress and anger. We began to love each other again with Jesus in our midst.

By the grace of God, my wife and I eventually reconciled, and our relationship is now better than ever before. Our third child was born in 2014, and my wife found a new job which had better work-life balance. She was also promoted within two years and in the third year, she was transferred to the department of her choice where the work was easier to manage.

We bought a new home in 2015 which was within walking distance from our children’s primary school. In 2016, we realised our dream of visiting Israel and I was sponsored for my postgraduate studies, which was a lifelong dream of mine. Indeed, with Jesus, everything is possible!




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Protected Under His Wings


I would usually travel to Malta for business and would return on either a Friday night or Saturday morning.

However, in October 2016, I had to travel back on a Sunday due to shortage of seats. This was the first time in my 15 years of travelling to Malta that I had to return on a Sunday.

That morning, I was meditating on Psalm 91 and verse 4 came alive to me. It says “…under His wings you shall take refuge” and I could literally visualise the Lord’s wings joined to the body of the plane. At that moment, I felt a supernatural peace and security. I did not understand what it meant but I felt loved and that was good enough for me.

My plane landed in Singapore on Monday morning and the flight was smooth.

After that, I heard from my colleague, who flew out of Malta on Saturday morning, that his plane faced strong turbulence an hour prior to arrival and some of the passengers suffered minor injuries.

I also learnt that on Monday morning, a twin–engine propeller plane crashed shortly after take–off in Malta, and all five passengers died!

I believe that my flight schedule was divinely arranged. Thank you Pastor Prince for preaching on grace and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and for reminding us of Psalm 91!

All glory to our good, good Father!


Edward Nimbalker


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