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All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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Protected While Travelling


I was scheduled to travel to New York City to attend a conference from 3 to 13 September 2016. It was one of my typical conference trips but this time round, my wife felt uneasy as I would be near the vicinity of the World Trade Center on 11 September, the place that was attacked by the terrorists in 2001 on the same day. She prayed for my safety and asked me to do so as well.

On 3 September 2016, I flew to Narita, Tokyo to transit to the States. As I was about to board the flight from Narita to Houston, Texas, I remembered what Pastor Prince said about divine protection during overseas travel. As I stepped into the plane, I touched the plane with my hands and declared the blood of Jesus over it. After we had been seated for a while, we were told that the plane had some technical issues and the take–off would be delayed. I did not think much of it and waited for another 30 minutes until another announcement advised the passengers to leave the plane and wait at the lobby area as the delay was going to be longer than expected.

Over time, more and more passengers left the plane for the lobby area. Everyone was getting more restless, curious and apprehensive.

After waiting for around two hours, an airline crew member announced that the flight was cancelled, as the rudder had a faulty actuator which could not be replaced within the short timeframe. He mentioned that flight cancellation was extremely rare in his 34 years of service as it would be very costly for the airline to do so, and thus, the replacement would be done only when it was absolutely necessary. The airline provided us with overnight accommodation and meals in Japan and tried to arrange replacement flights for us on the following day.

Initially, I felt a bit lost as this was my first time encountering a flight cancellation. Furthermore, around the same time, the news also reported that strong winds were brewing in the vicinity of Japan. I grew concerned that I might be grounded in Japan and would not be able to reach New York in time for the conference. Yet, at the same time, I thanked God that I did not board the plane that had a technical issue! With a peace of mind that God is watching over me, I stayed over in Japan for a night.

The next morning, I immediately called the airline to book another flight to New York. Although the lady on the phone mentioned that flights to the States were almost fully booked, I managed to book a flight to New York via Los Angeles (LA) on the same day. Furthermore, I got a free upgrade to my preferred airline! It was God’s blessing in disguise.

At LA, while I thought that I could fly to New York smoothly, I was shocked to find out that my phone booking for the flight was not done properly and the boarding pass could not be printed. The airline did not resolve the problem in time to issue me a boarding pass, and as a result, I missed my flight again! They later arranged for me to board another flight on the same day and gave me the only available seat in the First Class cabin, which I took for the first time in my life!

Finally, with God’s protection and favour, I reached my destination and attended the conference as scheduled.

Then on 11 September, I was scheduled to fly back to Singapore via Hong Kong on the same airline that was hijacked in 2001. Despite the coincidence, I put my trust in the Lord and prayed for divine protection.

Interestingly, just before boarding the plane towards Hong Kong, the airline crew announced that some of the seats had to be reshuffled as the plane had too many empty seats and they needed to redistribute the weight onboard. This caused a slight commotion among passengers, delaying the take–off for more than an hour.

Although I had only more than an hour to transit in Hong Kong, I did not panic about missing my connecting flight home as I knew that God would watch over me just like before.

In the end, although I was already mentally prepared to stay over in Hong Kong, I was pleased to know that the plane waited for us even though we reached Hong Kong later than scheduled. I also managed to come back to Singapore safely.

Pastor Prince, thank you very much for your ministry and your expounding on the Scriptures, especially on Psalm 91! All praises to the Lord!


Ho Jun Hui


  • prayer
  • favour
  • protection



Healed Of Eczema


I suffered from contact eczema on my right hand for the past 10 years. I visited doctors, dermatologists, and even underwent a series of tests at the National Skin Centre. However, doctors could not explain why the eczema was only found on my right hand and not on other parts of my body. They said it was an incurable condition which could only be managed by applying moisturisers and steroids. I bought numerous skincare products but there was no improvement.

The eczema on my hand was bad. It was a vicious cycle that most people suffering from eczema would know: the area would itch, I would scratch, and the scratching would cause bleeding and dry skin, and the area would itch again.

Sometimes, the lesions on the skin would be so painful that I did not even want to wash my hand under the water. This condition also made me self–conscious as the pus and blood that oozed out from the lesions on my hand were unsightly.

However, after attending New Creation Church for the last three years and partaking of the Communion every week, my eczema got better and better.

Though it would still flare up sometimes, I continued to believe that by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed.

On 28 January 2014, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to create a photo album to chronicle God’s healing of my eczema. At times, I didn’t take any pictures because my skin did not seem to improve and my faith was low.

Nevertheless, God is faithful to our prayers EVEN when we are disheartened. His healing is not dependent on our faithfulness but on His unfailing love and grace.

As of 18 July 2016, I did not use any moisturising or steroid cream. It has been many months since I last used these products and I have lost track of when was the last time I had used them.

Today, the skin on my right hand looks as good as new. A good friend who knew of my condition remarked that he could no longer tell my right hand from my left. I believe that Jesus has healed my so–called “incurable” condition. Hallelujah!




Kenneth CSJ


  • Holy Communion
  • healing



Panic Attacks Gone


On 19 June 2016, while I was making my way home on the train, I suddenly felt dizzy and breathless. My heart palpitated extremely fast and I almost fainted. I was praying as I made my way to the nearest clinic.

At the clinic, the doctor found that my blood pressure level was very high. The clinic called for an ambulance to send me to the hospital. I was admitted on the same evening, and stayed there for two days and two nights.

Thanks to the prayers, support and help from my loved ones, recovery was easy. However, I would think to myself how things could have been worse and what could have happened to me on that day. Day and night, I would thank the Lord for His deliverance but deep down in my heart, I was still worried and fearful.

Four days after I was discharged from the hospital, I experienced another panic attack. My heart started to beat very fast. I went to the clinic and they asked me to go back to the hospital again since my blood pressure reading was high.

Again, I was sent to the accident and emergency unit. That night, my employers visited me in the hospital and told me that only Jesus could help me. Later, the doctor told me that I needed to be put under observation for eight hours.

Before my employers went home, they prayed for me. On the same night, I also asked God to give me calmness and peace of mind. I also declared healing over my body and that the blood of Jesus would cover me. The next morning, which was a Sunday, the doctor informed me that I could be discharged because my blood pressure was back to normal and there were no other complications. Praise God!

On our way home, I told my employers that I would go to church with them instead of going on my own. The Lord is so good because He put me at the right place at the right time. That day, the sermon by Pastor Prince was about Psalm 91 and God’s protection over us.

When he was preaching, he stopped and said that God had told him that someone in the congregation was worried about getting a stroke. But God was assuring the person that it would not happen.

When I heard Pastor Prince said those words, I was in tears. My employer looked at me and said that the message was for me. I knew and believed in my heart that the message was for me. God is so good! He knew my worries and sent the answer through Pastor Prince. I felt so loved. After the service, I approached a church leader to pray over me.

The next day, when I experienced heart palpitations again, I prayed and declared that I am complete in Christ, it was just a lying symptom and that by Jesus’ stripes I am already healed. After a few minutes, I was calm and the palpitations had stopped. Thank You, Jesus!

Since then, when I wake up every day, I would always declare that I am complete in Christ. I know that I am greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved. To God be the glory!


Marilyn Afan Pante


  • proclaiming
  • healing