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No Longer An Angry Mum


I used to struggle a lot with my temper towards my children, especially my eldest boy, in the area of his studies. During the run–up to exams, daily blow–ups were a fixture in our household.

After every incident, I would pray and ask God to change me. At that time, we were still relatively new to New Creation Church. I would still deal with sin the same way I was taught in the past. I would confess my sin to God, and ask for His forgiveness. Then, I would vow not to do it again.

I employed all kinds of strategies to try and stop losing my temper by counting to 10, taking deep breaths, leaving the room, screaming into a pillow and beating up a pillow. I even made a poster for my children to wave in front of my face. It read, “Mummy, you are raising your voice! Please leave the room NOW to cool down!” Needless to say, none of these worked for long.

I spent a lot of time after each relapse wondering why God was not answering my prayer and changing me. This sense of failure added to the guilt and worries I had over the impact of my actions and my son’s studies, and these led to even more anger outbursts. I dreaded the year my son had to take his Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). I couldn’t bear to think how I would turn out when I was already so out of control in a normal year.

Now that we are seven months into the PSLE year, it suddenly occurred to me that this year has been incredibly peaceful! The exam is just two months away and I couldn’t quite believe it. Even my children and husband all agreed that my temper had improved a lot this year.

The truth of the matter is, sometime in the middle of last year, my family faced with new challenges that took my mind off my temper problem. The challenges were so overwhelming that I desperately sought Jesus in order to cope. I began to play Pastor Prince’s sermons regularly in the car and also read regularly from grace–based devotionals and the Psalms, and declared out loud that I am the righteousness of God in Christ whenever I felt fearful.

These constant reminders of Christ’s finished work, His unceasing love and my unassailable position in Him, had given me such peace, security and joy to face all the challenges. This deep peace even extended to the area of my son’s studies. I have not used any of those strategies to control my temper this year because the things that used to rouse my anger easily in the past, no longer made me angry.

Because of the challenges, I had to return to work and had even less time to guide my boy in his studies. To counter my anxiety over this, we took to praying together in the car every morning when I sent my children to school. We would start by reminding ourselves of what Jesus has done, and of our righteousness in Him. We would also remind ourselves that all the blessings Jesus deserves, we now receive because of His finished work and that His supply of grace is never–ending. Then, we would pray for God to give my son the desire to study and for God to empower him to act out this desire.

For Chinese language, my son’s weakest subject, we would remind ourselves that God created the Chinese language and that He is the best speaker and writer of it in the whole universe, and because He is with my son, he can draw from Him whenever he needs guidance. Praying daily had really contributed to the peace I had over the exams.

It is very clear to me now that when I was preoccupied with my temper problem and trying by my efforts to overcome it, I was bound to fail. Victory only came when I was no longer focused on the problem, not even on trying to solve it, but focused instead on Jesus and His finished work. All glory be to God!

Thank you, Pastor Prince and New Creation Church for teaching so clearly about God’s grace.


The writer has requested anonymity.


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Protected During Overseas Work Trip


On 21 June 2016, I went on a work trip to Brussels, Belgium. On the first day of our meeting, our colleagues from Brussels came to pick us up from the hotel to the office in two cars.

In the 30–minute ride to the office, the first car got into a car accident. And I was seated in the second car.

It was a shock when we arrived at the accident scene a few minutes later. My Brazilian colleague was covered with blood. Thank God he was not critically injured. He required stitches on his head and suffered from a broken finger, injured ribs and leg.

I thank Abba Father for His protection over my boss and myself who were in the car behind. Though the meeting started on an unpleasant note, I kept declaring Abba Father’s protection over the team.

Throughout the week, my colleagues told us that some places in Brussels had to be closed due to suspected terrorist activities and extensive hype caused by the Euro Cup. I thank Abba that we were not near those affected areas.

On the day of the last meeting, though there was a strike, we were able to have our meeting safely in the office.

Despite all these incidents, I was at peace and I kept declaring the blood of Jesus upon my colleagues. The entire week also turned out to be a restful week and the meetings were also very fruitful.

On Saturday, 25 June 2016, my boss and I were scheduled to return to Singapore. We were supposed to transit at Frankfurt. However, due to bad weather, our flight was cancelled.

As a result, we had to transit at Istanbul. When my boss heard about the news, he asked me if I was fine with the arrangement. After praying and committing the trip to Abba, I told him that we were protected and I was fine with the arrangement.

Before the flight, I also requested for prayers from fellow believers. Our flight was very restful with superb service, and we were back in Singapore on 26 June 2016.

On 29 June 2016, I was shocked to receive news that some bombs had gone off at Istanbul airport early in the morning. I calculated the timing and realised that it was the same time we were transiting at Istanbul airport three days ago! One of the bombs even went off near our boarding gate. I had goosebumps reading the news.

Many of my colleagues told my boss and me that we were “lucky”. But I know that we were protected not because of “luck” but because of Jesus. A few months prior to the trip, I would declare every day that God would put me at the right place at the right time, and He had indeed placed me at the right place at the right time. He also surrounded me with believers who covered me with prayers throughout the trip. All glory to our loving Abba!




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Open Doors And Favour Despite Lack Of Experience


When I first started as a special needs teacher in 2013, I had no experience working with children with special needs. All I had was a desire to work with children and two completely irrelevant degrees. This troubled me greatly as I knew nothing about teaching the children.

Before I got the job, I remember sharing my concern with the panel of interviewers and asked if there were any courses in Singapore which I could go for.

I was told that there was a course that was recognised by the school and it was an Advanced Diploma In Early Childhood Intervention (Special Needs). However, they also shared that only teachers who have at least two or three years of experience would be sent for this course. Hence, I would be given on–the–job and in–house trainings for the time being.

When I came out of the interview, I told God, “God, I know nothing! If You give me this job, You’ve got to be with me! You will have to personally teach me how to teach the children, and give me all the skills, wisdom and knowledge that I need. I can only depend on You!”

And that was the way it went. I kept praying the same prayer every day as I had to depend on Him daily. I had no experience but I have God with me. And He gave me favour with the parents who were in class daily with their children. They loved me, trusted me and taught me many things in my first year. God also granted me so much wisdom such that my trainers could not believe that I was a new teacher.

Before the June holidays in 2013, I decided to ask the manager of the Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC) about the advanced diploma programme again. However, her reply was the same as my interviewers. They would only send teachers who had at least two to three years of experience.

When I went out of the room, I said a simple prayer telling God that since He placed me in this job, I was going to trust Him to open the doors for me.

I forgot about this prayer until I was called into her office in August that same year. She told me that she was going to send me for the course!

Everyone around me told me how “lucky” I was to be sent for the course in my first year of work, and how this had never happened before.

When everyone stood up to introduce themselves on the first day of the course, I was the only person in the class with only half a year’s experience in the job while the rest had been teaching for at least two years!

God opened doors for me which no one else had gone before! Amazingly, the theme of the year in 2013 was “The Key of David” — the year of opened doors. After this, more good news followed.

Over the course of two years, there were so many times I felt overwhelmed by the assignments and work. I would ask God for wisdom and declare favour with the examiners who were going to read and grade my work. I kept confessing that I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, even though I had the least experience in the class.

In May 2016, I graduated and praise God, I received the “Most Outstanding Academic Performance Award” from the National Council of Social Service!

God has taken someone like me who was the least, to be the head and not the tail. He helped me produce quality essays that I could not even recognise my own work sometimes.

It was a surreal moment when I walked on the stage to receive the award — not because of the applause I was getting, but because I knew with all my heart and soul that it could only be God.

God’s grace did not stop there. Recently, I was offered a promotion to become a Senior Teacher. Again, I was undeserving of this promotion as it was typically offered to those who had at least five years of experience but I was only three–and–a–half years into my job. When asked, my bosses told me that I carried a “certain kind of presence”. Though they did not know what this “presence” was, I knew it was the presence of God with me. It is certainly God who has accelerated my career. Praise Jesus!


Lee Ai Lin


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