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Protected From Two Car Accidents After Listening To Message On Psalm 91


One night, my husband, KC and I were stuck in a traffic jam for five hours. We couldn't move the car and did not know what had happened. So we put on a sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince titled, The Secret Place — Where You Find Protection And Long Life.

Later, we found out that a fatal accident took place just five seconds ahead of us. So the Lord held us up to protect us from the accident. We are so fully blessed and deeply loved by the Lord!

Today, my husband, KC, was again protected miraculously from another car accident. It appeared that a driver had a heart attack while driving and passed out. It led to a chain collusion and all the cars in front and behind KC got hit and the drivers were taken to the hospital. Despite all these, KC’s car was completely untouched!

Though KC had always been an excellent driver, he dared not claim the credit. Everything had happened so quickly that he could not react in time!

In fact, we believe that it was the Lord who protected him once again because this very morning, KC was reading a devotional by Pastor Prince that drew Bible references from Psalm 91!

It touched on verses 2 and 4 which read: He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty… and He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge…

Truly, as mentioned by Pastor Prince, there is no safer place in the universe than under the protective shelter of our Saviour’s wings. What blessed assurance we can have today, knowing that even if destruction rages around us, there is always a refuge and comfort in the Lord — our unfailing peace, protection and supply!






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A New Lease of Life


On 19 May 2016, my husband Victor was playing tennis with his friends when he felt giddy and later fainted, and went into a seizure. When he woke up, he was unaware of what had happened. He wanted to continue his game but he felt led to rest. He then felt nauseous and started to vomit. His friends wanted to call for an ambulance but he insisted on calling me instead.

When I received the call, I sensed that something wasn’t right. When I was told that my husband had fainted and would like me to pick him home, I thought he might have over–exerted himself. When I reached the tennis court, Victor was sitting up and sweaty. Seeing that he was still feeling nauseous, I decided to take him to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, I quickly sent a text message to my care group members to request for prayers for my husband. On arrival, Victor was admitted. While waiting for answers from the doctors, I was not able to see Victor and was all alone. Nonetheless, I had God’s peace. I thanked God for my brother Sam and my son who came later. My care group members also readily offered their help and wanted to keep me company in the hospital. More importantly, I thanked God for prayers that were made and declared over Victor during that time.

After four hours, the doctors informed me that they suspect that Victor had a stroke. But this was later ruled out. Victor continued to vomit, and his blood pressure and heart rate dropped. He was taken to the resuscitation room and given oxygen to help regulate his breathing and to raise his blood pressure and heart rate.

Following that, he was moved to the Intensive Care Unit. As Victor did not experience chest pain, the doctors did not suspect that it could be a heart attack until he was sent for further tests.

The next day, one of my care group members, Susan, came and kept me accompany. As we were not allowed to visit Victor, we partook of the Holy Communion in the visitors’ lounge while more tests were done on him.

When I finally saw the doctor, he told us that Victor actually had a heart attack! Tests showed that three of his arteries were 95 per cent blocked. His blood pressure and heartbeat were very low. The doctor also said that his heart was very diseased and that he was very ill. We were allowed to see him for about 30 seconds, and so we quickly applied the anointing oil on his forehead and prayed, “By Jesus’ stripes, you are healed.” When we went back to the visitors’ lounge, Susan and I partook of the Holy Communion again and recited Psalm 23 together. Susan also called our care group leader, Joseph, to update him of Victor’s condition.

I was actually in a daze after receiving the negative report. But Susan suggested that we declare healing scriptures over Victor and so I joined her. We also rejected the negative reports and declared that Victor’s body is healed because of Jesus’ finished work. We also claimed restoration for his heart.

Subsequently, Joseph joined us at the hospital. He applied anointing oil on Victor’s forehead, prayed over him and together, we partook of the Holy Communion again.

Amazingly, Victor was his usual self — alert and chatty. He told us that before he fainted, he had uttered the name “Jesus”. I believe that Jesus heard him and caused him to wake up after he was unconscious for two minutes. I understand that in most cases, those who collapsed due to a heart attack would go into a coma. It was a miracle that Victor was conscious during the trip to the hospital which took almost an hour!

Victor underwent angioplasty, and two metal stents were inserted into his blocked arteries. Subsequently, he had a balloon catheter and an external pacemaker inserted into his heart. Praise God that after two and a half days in Intensive Care Unit, he was certified well enough to be transferred to the general ward. And after another two and a half days, he was discharged from the hospital. A total of five days — the number of grace! The senior cardiac consultant told Victor that he was fortunate to be given a second lease of life, as most people with his condition do not pull through.

We know it is all because of what we have in Jesus — He redeemed us on the cross and gave us His health. We believe that God gave Victor a new lease of life! We thank Pastor Prince for teaching us to believe in and to speak God’s words, and about the power of the Holy Communion and anointing oil.


Sharon Siew Lai Chan


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Unmerited Favour in Her Studies and Work


About 10 years ago, I had a mid–career change of jobs. I was apprehensive and prayed for wisdom to make the right decision. Finally, after much prayer, I received a word from the Lord regarding 1 Thessalonians 5:24, “He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it”. Believing that the Lord is faithful, I sent out my application and it was accepted against all odds as most of the other applicants were all former heads of departments. I was grateful to the Lord for this unmerited favour.

After a year on the job, I pursued a Master’s Degree programme as I felt rather inadequate with my existing skills. It was a big step as I had graduated 20 years ago and much had changed. I had a tough time and prayed fervently for supernatural favour as I struggled to juggle my family, job and studies. Fortunately, I am blessed with a supportive spouse who prayed and helped me through this time. I prayed for grace to master the IT skills that I needed to retrieve materials such as research papers and journals.

I also prayed that I would pass and not get thrown out in the middle of the programme. To my amazement, I passed with high distinctions and was the top student. I knew that this had nothing to do with my own efforts. It was the work of our mighty God, who never fails when we throw ourselves at His feet and depend totally on Him.

In spite of these successes, I faced many challenges at my workplace which made me question my decision to switch jobs. I cried out to the Lord and read Psalm 91:15, “He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honour him.” At that time, I found it hard to believe the promise in that verse as I was very distressed.

Soon after, a friend told me that she was resigning from her job and asked if I wanted to be transferred there as she was doing the same job as myself. It was a refreshing change and I thanked God for it.

In my new workplace, God blessed me tremendously as I continued to rely on Him daily. The job was emotionally draining and I often felt like giving up because I saw little success in what I was doing. But the Lord lifted me up with an unexpected blessing when I was given the Excellence Service Award in the department. And recently, I could barely contain my gratitude to my heavenly Father when I received the PS21 Service Excellence Award and PS21 Distinguished Service Award. I know that none of this was based on my self–efforts, but it was the result of God’s unmerited favour and grace that Pastor Prince has been preaching about!


The writer has requested anonymity.


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