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Favour After Favour In Job Search


Last year, before I graduated with a diploma, my father, knowing that I planned to take up a Bachelor Degree, broke the news that he would not be able to support me in my further studies. Devastated as I was, I believed that when a window closes, my Abba Father will open doors, gates and even roofs for me.

Soon enough, I came to realise that the field I was studying in wasn’t exactly my passion. At that time, as I was finishing my studies, my lecturer emailed me about an opening for a part-time position at a media pop-up store because she knew that I loved writing. She told me it could be an interesting experience as the pop-up store had an editorial team working there. I decided to take it up and was accepted for the job.

While working at the store, I observed their daily operations and got to know the team. I was sure this was what I wanted but I told Jesus I didn’t have the courage to request for an internship because I wasn’t even studying in a related field. Miraculously, a few days after that, the team’s marketing manager came over to my desk during lunch and we had a chat. Out of nowhere, she suddenly asked me if I would be interested for an editorial internship! I was dumbfounded and amazed that God had answered my prayer, and I said yes.

After an interview and a writing test, I was accepted for the internship. What started as a three-month internship grew into eight months. I loved my job and the company, so I prayed again to Abba for a full-time position in the company. However, I had to fly home to Indonesia as my parents could not support me financially anymore. When the Editor I worked under learnt that I was leaving, she asked if I would be interested to do freelance work for them from home. Again, I was amazed that my God had blessed me with so much favour. I accepted the offer and worked from Indonesia while I spent time with my family.

After a few months, I felt an urge in my heart to stop working from home. I wanted to work in a team and learn more, as a dream to start my own company in the future was planted in my heart. So I asked the Editor-in-Chief of my company if they had a full-time position in Singapore but he said the office’s headcount was limited at that time. I still had faith that God had other plans for me.

I decided to fly back to Singapore and continue my job search here. My parents told me they could only support me financially for two months. I told them it was more than enough because I knew my God had secured the perfect position with a more-than-enough salary for me.

During my first week back in Singapore in March 2017, Pastor Edwin Lim led the Holy Communion prayer during a Sunday service I attended, and one of the first things he said was about success in a job search and a job interview! I felt God’s loving reassurance for me, and all my worries vanished immediately.

Two weeks later, my former Editor-in-Chief suddenly texted me about a job opening in one of his acquaintance’s company. He told me he was devastated that he had to refer me to a competitor because he wanted me to join his company once the headcount opened up, but he knew I needed a job. I was deeply touched and grateful that God had led him to think of me and refer me to a competitor!

I applied for the job, attended an interview and went through a few writing tests. While waiting for the outcome, I knew in my heart that I would be accepted because God had led me to this, so I prayed to Him for a salary enough to support myself independently.

A week later, my acceptance email arrived, and the salary offer way exceeded my expectations! Praise Jesus! He doesn’t bless us with “just enough” — that’s not our God in heaven, He blesses with more than enough so that we could bless others around us.

Looking back, it was favour after favour — from my lecturer to my former Editor-in-Chief. I knew I had favour with them not because of who I am or because of my abilities. It was all God. Just like Joseph in the Bible, I started with nothing but I am successful because the Lord is with me. With no qualifications, I ended up with a job that I am passionate about with substantial salary. I am expectant and look forward to the better days that are ahead of me, knowing that my Abba Father is with me every step of the way.

Thank You, Jesus! And thank you, Pastor Prince and New Creation Church!


The writer has requested for anonymity.


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Open Doors Of Favour During His Job Pursuit


On 26 October 2015, I was given a golden handshake by my previous employer. At that time, I was the company’s general manager.

To be honest, I felt relieved in a certain way and trusted God that something better was waiting for me. I felt prompted to start a consulting firm and tap into a specific skill I had. I also took on photography assignments to earn some income on the side, and it was amazing to see how Abba Father opened doors for me during this period.

That year, I was able to draw income from my consulting firm, photography assignments and from my role as an adjunct lecturer. I had tried to apply to teach in various universities before but never got an interview. But during this period, God opened doors for me to lecture in two universities.

However, my heart’s desire was to return to the workforce full-time. All in all, I applied for thousands of jobs and went for a couple of interviews, but nothing materialised. Even potential roles promised by a few of my friends fell through.

Over time, I was concerned that I would remain jobless. Although I was at rest in my heart and spirit, I felt that I could do more. Hence, I decided to take up a taxi licence and started driving in June 2016.

In the first two weeks of driving, I had to work for around 14 to16 hours a day. I became physically tired and began putting my hopes in some of the potential jobs which I felt I could stand a high chance.

While having lunch one day, I received disappointing phone calls informing me that the three potential jobs I had put my hopes on were closed doors. I felt really lost and began to tear up. I texted my wife who then called to encourage me. Her words lifted me up and pointed me back to Jesus.

It was then that I realised that I had been focusing on my situation and looking to men instead of looking to Jesus. Though I would take the time to seek the Lord, partake of the Holy Communion, speak in tongues and read Pastor Prince’s daily devotional and meditate on God’s Word, somehow along the way, I became restless and allowed my physical tiredness to overwhelm me.

I decided to take a week’s break and look for a relief driver to cover me in the day. I also made sure that I enjoyed myself and took each day as it came — trusting Abba Father for His provision.

Compared to most taxi drivers, my earnings were considered high. I thank God for His favour and protection. Even though no job opportunity arose, I kept reminding myself of Daddy God’s love for me believing that I could not fail in life because I am a child of the Most High God.

During this time, Daddy God kept pointing me to Genesis 39:2 that talked about Joseph being a successful man even though he was a slave because the Lord was with him. It also reminded me to be restful and that I am a successful man as along as God is with me. I am also thankful for my fellow ministry servers who encouraged me. Their love and fellowship had made my 2016 a memorable year.

Then on 1 September 2016, I drove to a hotel to queue for passengers. When I arrived, there were about 10 taxis in the queue. Deciding not to waste time waiting, I made a U-turn for the exit.

Just then, I got a booking request from the same hotel, and I made a bid for it. After winning the bid, I made my way in again to pick up the passenger. Interestingly, those taxis in the queue didn’t win the bid, and thankfully, the guest did not walk out of the main lobby. Otherwise, he would realise there was no need to book a taxi.

I picked up the passenger who is an American, and we chatted during the journey. He happened to work in a multinational corporation in the aerospace industry. It was his first time in Singapore and the last day before he flew home.

During the ride, I asked him if there was any job opportunity in his company and he asked me to email him my résumé. I did it right away after I alighted him at his destination. Thereafter, I didn’t think much of it and carried on with my daily routine.

Incredibly, he kept emailing me updates of my job application. Eventually, the head office in the United States (US) approved to increase one headcount in his department.

In mid-October, he flew back to Singapore to set up an interview with the Singapore management. He even took the time to have dinner with me to prepare me for the interview. When I asked him how many candidates were vying for this role, he simply replied with a big smile and said, “You are THE candidate.”

The interview went well, and I got the job. But it took another two and a half months before the letter of appointment was offered because this was the first time this role is being filled by a foreigner outside the US, and they had a lot of paperwork to do!

That was truly a lot of favour from a person whom I had met for only 25 minutes in a taxi ride. Moreover, the role is a perfect fit for all my industry skills and experiences. Only Daddy God can create such an opportunity, and through a way that everyone knows that it can only be Him so He takes all the glory.

Before I end this testimony, I just want to open up a bit about myself. I have a doctorate in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. I also hold five international patents by the age of 32. However, all these achievements are useless without Jesus in my life because I can only do all things through Him. I would like to give all glory to Jesus! And thank you, Pastor Prince, and New Creation Church, for teaching the gospel!




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Life Preserved With A Speedy Recovery


When I was in my teens, I was bullied in school, and this caused me to suffer from depression for more than 10 years. Even though I grew up in a Christian school, I lived life burdened with the weight of condemnation as my family members were not believers.

This went on until I joined my current company where I met bosses whom I look up to. They introduced me to New Creation Church in September 2016, and I believed it was Jesus who had directed my path there.

At midnight on 25 January 2017, I met with a traffic accident while on my way home. My colleague had dropped me off, and as I was crossing the road, I was suddenly hit by a cab. I went up the cab’s bonnet and was flung at least half a metre away. I fell with my laptop in my right arm.

I was shocked and couldn't move. I tried to drag myself to the middle of the road where the barricade was to avoid the oncoming vehicles from the other side of the road.

Thankfully, the cars did not roll over my leg, and I was not unconscious! My belongings were also only slightly damaged.

To cut the story short, I was sent to the hospital after a good 20 minutes.

I contacted my bosses and they prayed for my healing. I also kept laying hands on my thigh and confessing that by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed and that I am covered by His precious blood.

I was also encouraged by a healing testimony screened in church on the Sunday before my accident.

That night, I left the hospital with only some scabs and bruises, and limped home without having to use a wheelchair. It was hard to believe that I had gotten into a traffic accident.

Two weeks later, I was completely healed. I did not have to take additional medication, and did not suffer any bone fractures! I believe this was the work of Jesus and a result of His healing power.

I would like to thank my bosses and most importantly, my Lord Jesus and my Abba Father who heard my prayers and saved my life!


Chia Hui Yeen, Nicolette


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