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A Miracle Baby


In 2014, I was pregnant and had a detailed scanning done at the 20th week of my pregnancy. The doctor told my husband and me that our baby had a short femur. As I was turning 40, I faced a very high risk of having complications during pregnancy. Thus, the doctor referred me to a specialist and they concluded that my baby was four weeks behind normal growth, meaning that his legs and arms looked like he was 16 weeks old instead of 20 weeks old — with the likelihood that he could be a dwarf!

To confirm this, the doctors suggested that I take a test which was invasive to both the adult and baby, to determine if my genes or my husband’s genes had a family history of dwarfism, and if my baby was really a dwarf. If the result was positive, my husband and I could then make a decision to keep or abort the baby.

We were devastated by the heartbreaking news as we had found out that I was pregnant on Christmas Day, and believed that our baby was a gift from God.

Finally, my husband and I decided to keep our baby and not go for further tests. We trusted that God would make this precious gift PERFECT for us and give us a normal child. We claimed His promises in Psalm 139:1 and Psalm 139:5 (NLT), “O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me… You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.

We continued to rest in the Lord and knew that as long as we rest in His love for us, we are protected from all harm. In August 2014, I went through an emergency caesarean birth. Miraculously, a healthy baby was born. He is currently 22 months old, a healthy and happy boy, blessed with brains and good looks. To God be all the glory!


The writer has requested anonymity.


  • Trust
  • rest
  • prayer
  • pregnancy
  • Conception





I underwent an operation to remove a fibroid more than 10 years ago. As a result, I had to go for yearly check–ups. During a particular visit, the doctor found a black patch in my womb. Feeling uneasy, she sent me for a second scan at a hospital a month later.

The results confirmed her suspicion. The black patch was indeed a cluster of cysts that had formed a tumour, which also known as a neoplasm. The doctor wanted to perform an immediate operation as the tumour was quite big. She also did not want to take any chances as it may spread if it were cancerous.

The tumour sat on my ovary and I was given two options. The first option was to remove one side of my ovary together with the tumour and send it for a biopsy test. And if the tumour turned out to be malignant, the doctor would proceed to remove my entire womb. The alternative option was to simply remove the womb. I ended up choosing the first option as I still hoped for the best!

My operation was scheduled on 11 May 2016. My friend who was concerned about me, invited to New Creation Church on 8 May. Initially, I turned down the invitation as I felt that even if I attended the service, the message would not help my condition. But my friend persuaded me to attend. Out of obligation, I went along.

During worship, we started singing the song “In Whom I Can Trust” and I was moved by the Holy Spirit. Tears started to flow non–stop and at that moment, I told Jesus about my fear and asked Him to cure my diseases. I just surrendered myself to Him!

After the church service, I stopped having nightmares and was able to have a good sleep. I also felt at peace as I had trusted in Him.

On the eve of my operation, I had to drink three glasses of laxatives which I called “poison” water. During my last operation, they sent chills down my spine when I drank them. This time round, I prayed to God to make the “poison” water sweet before I took the drinks. Amazingly, they tasted sweet! I drank all three glasses with ease and I was stunned. Praise the Lord!

I went for my operation the next day at 9am and was back to my ward by about 2pm. At 9pm, the doctor informed me that I had no cancer as I had no tumour to begin with and she did not remove my ovary! The tumour turned out to be a fibroid which was a common but non–threatening growth.

Indeed, it was a miracle! Though puzzled, I was happy to know that I had no cancer and that my ovaries were intact! I think the doctor was as surprised as I was!

I believe that God had worked behind the scenes to turn my situation around. Our God is a true God! Praise the Lord! Amen!


Cenci Lim


  • prayer
  • healing



No Longer Running A Drug Cartel But On Fire For Jesus


I used to help oversee a drug cartel in Sydney, Australia for the triads. Through the Lord’s intervention, I got saved while in prison. A very well–meaning pastor then taught me to work for my salvation. He also warned me about grace–filled churches and false doctrines. By the time I got out of prison, I was ready to work for God and give my life to Him as a slave.

Eventually, living under the law made me feel like a failure as I could never meet God’s standards. In the past, I could win victories for my boss through large drug deals or taking new territory. But in this “new gang”, I could not even win against myself. I finally gave up, left church and went back to selling drugs.

Two years later in 2007, a friend from church gave me some “new teachings” he had stumbled upon. It was a whole series of Pastor Prince’s teachings on grace. But I did not listen to the sermons immediately until I was hurt really badly by my girlfriend at that time and my drug business went bust. I no longer lived like a drug lord, but like a junkie.

I cried and cried and ended up listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon CDs. That gave me the courage to go back to the Lord and I started attending a church in Sydney.

Today, I am fully restored. I got a university degree, married a wonderful wife, and we are both serving in church. I have also overcome my addictions and my mind has been renewed.

I want to thank Pastor Prince from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to shine the amazing light of God’s grace.


O-Tung Hon


  • serving
  • set free
  • transformation