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Prayer for Job Answered


I left my job of more than 10 years in October 2015. I was asked to leave because of some bad life choices and mistakes made. I was holding a relatively senior position in the company but had not been promoted for a couple of years due to poor performance.

I felt quite defeated and ashamed of my circumstances but I knew I had no one to blame but myself. Over the next couple of months or so, prior to me leaving the company, my church team leader prayed with me for a good outcome. He and a couple of my friends stood in faith with me that things would turn around.

I was still asked to leave but there was grace in the situation. Instead of making me to leave, my supervisor gave me the option of tendering my resignation. On top of that, she extended my stay just so that I could be given my 13th month bonus.

After I had left the company, I spent about a week resting at home. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and felt numb inside. I continued to languish for about another week or so before I started to ask God what I should do in my situation. Somehow, I decided to apply for temporary jobs to tide me over until I find a permanent one. After what had happened, I was wondering if I could even find a permanent job since I had no desire to go back to my original line but had no experience in anything else.

The next morning after sending out my applications for temporary positions, I was asked to go for an interview and a week later, I was offered a one–month position as a customer service officer and receptionist at an educational institution.

Though happy to have landed myself a job, I was also slightly ashamed that I was taking on such a position and at a small fraction of my previous pay, but I thought to myself, I should be thankful I even found any job at all.

Well, my one–month temporary job offer turned into a three–month stint when the company extended my stay. I found that I enjoyed what I did and was good at it. Through the job, I met really nice people and regained some self–esteem. It also taught me to be grateful and thankful for simple things and to be humble.

After my stint at the company came to an end in February 2016, I started to worry about what was going to happen next. I tried not to worry by reminding myself that God would provide. The constant encouragement from my friends and leader also helped.

One Sunday, while waiting to start serving in church, a team leader prayed for us and shared that God would provide a job by the end of the month. Though I wasn’t really paying attention, this statement stood out to me.

On 1 March 2016, I started a four–month contract job as a customer service officer in a legal firm. Again, I found that I enjoyed what I was doing. Towards the end of my contract, the Human Resource Manager asked if I would like to stay on as a permanent staff but I turned down the offer as I didn’t want to continue in this line.

Coincidentally, at the same time I tendered my resignation, I learnt that one of the legal secretaries had also tendered. I had fleeting thoughts that maybe I should consider her position but reasoned against it since I had already turned down the first offer and had zero experience in secretarial work.

Well, it seems like God had other plans. In one of my Human Resource Manager’s usual check–ins on my job search, I casually mentioned to her that I seemed to like administrative work. She then asked me if I would consider taking on the legal secretary job.

Well, to cut a long story short, I was offered the position of a legal secretary the next day after going through a formal interview with the firm’s partner. On top of that, the salary was close to my original salary — and all these were given to me even though I did not have one iota of experience!




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Healed From Hip Muscle Wear And Tear


Ten years ago, I had a fall. The doctor found muscle wear and tear in my left hip, and there was nothing he could do about it. From that time onwards, I was not able to balance myself properly and would fall easily. Finally, I had to rely on a walking stick to move around and could not do a lot of things.

My back and hip hurt. When I mop the floor, I had to sit down or use the mop as a walking stick to prevent myself from falling. I was so afraid of falling down when I go to the toilet, I would use the wall as a support and sit down very slowly. I couldn’t squat and it was very painful and difficult to stand up.

During the Grace 2016 Trinity Broadcasting Network Israel Tour, I had to rely on my walking stick and a wheelchair that my friends on the tour got for me. They took turns to wheel me around and one of them even carried me up the mountains.

When Pastor Prince was praying for healing for the people at the event at Caesarea Maritima, my friend encouraged me to stand up. So I did and we prayed together. I remember that Pastor Prince told us to let go and not struggle. So I told myself to let go and said, “Lord, I believe You can heal me.”

After the prayer, my friend told me to try walking without the walking stick and praise the Lord — I could walk and even dance! Now, I am healed! Thank You, Jesus!




Tina Tay


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Experienced Restoration in Her Household


When I first heard Pastor Prince preach, it was evident to me that the message of grace was exactly what I needed to hear!

In 2015, one of the first teachings I heard was about restoration. And as soon as I heard the message, I called my mum and shared with her about God’s restoration.

Soon after, my brother who had left home when I was 14 years old, surprised my mum with a visit. For nearly 30 years, she had not seen him! Not only did my brother spend the summer with her, he even went to see her again during Christmas. I am now 51 years old and glory to God that I am able to speak to my long–lost brother!

Not only so, my other brother, Yves, whom I had not met since I was 18, sent me a message on Facebook. I praise the Lord for the work that He is doing in my family.

Another great news is that I am also getting back in touch with the young man who first introduced me to Jesus. All these happened within the past six months and what a blessing it had been.

My mum and my grandmothers were women of great faith. I remember many years ago, my mum had said that God would bring her firstborn son home. Though it took some time but whatever God had promised, He made sure they would come to pass. Praise be to God who loves us.

Thank you once again Pastor Prince for your messages. The Lord bless you, your family and your church!


Whittaker Jocelyne


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