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We Care

The Salvation Army, Gracehaven

Gracehaven, is a resident home managed by The Salvation Army of Singapore. It houses a group of 160 children who needed mentoring and guidance during their growing years. In the year 2012, New Creation Church’s Outreach Ministry organised various events to shower God’s love upon this group of precious children.

Amazing Marang Trail: Enjoy Nature God Created

The first outing of the year took place on Saturday, 26 May 2012. A group of 50 servers from our Outreach Ministry brought 30 children from Gracehaven for a walk along Marang Trail. On the trail, named, Nature God Created, the children gathered into groups to explore the nature reserve through a mini Amazing Race that required them to solve puzzles at designated games stations. The children were thrilled and started solving the puzzles feverishly, hoping to be the first to finish the race.

Though the sun was scorching, it did little to wane the enthusiasm of the children. They had lots of fun working together and carrying out tasks assigned by the servers at each game station. Through the activities, the children learnt about mutual respect and to appreciate each other as unique individuals who are part of the glorious body of Christ.

Putting their heads together to win the race!

At the end of the day, everyone was treated to a hearty meal of pizza and the servers also took time to pray for the children, thanking God for making them special.

Build Dreams On Solid Rock

In a span of less than two months, servers from our Outreach Ministry geared up again on Saturday, 7 July 2013, to prepare for another trip to Changi Beach with the children from Gracehaven. This time round, they wanted to show these young ones that Christ is the solid rock, on which they can build their dreams and lives.

Before setting off, the servers came together to pray for good weather. Their prayer was answered as the sun shone radiantly over the island throughout the day.

To kick off the day, the children were asked to describe their dream sandcastles. The children shared with much enthusiasm and before long, everyone was busy building their sandcastles.  

Servers and children moulding their dream castles together.

During the next part of the programme, the volunteers threw water-filled balloons at the sandcastles, wiping out everything that was built in one fell swoop! Many of the children were crestfallen as they saw all their efforts going down the drain within seconds.

The servers took time to share the heart of the activity with every child. They explained that the “water bombs” represented the bad breaks or trials they may encounter in the pursuit of their dreams while the sand represented the foundation on which they built their dreams: When they built their dreams on a shaky foundation, they would not be able stand strong in the face of challenges. However, if they built their dreams on Christ, the rock of their salvation, the Lord would always be there to help them get back on their feet again to realise their dreams.

The message hit home quickly and the children realised that they were assured of a hope in Christ. Many walked away that day, conscious of God’s love for them, knowing that He who promised is faithful to give them a bright future regardless of the situations they were in.  

Getting To The Heart Of Worship

On Saturday, 8 September 2012, our Outreach Ministry volunteers got together again to organise a Praise and Worship session titled, Heart of Worship. This session was held at Rock (Level 4) and its aim is to help the children understand that worship is an intimate prayer to God and it can be expressed in various creative ways such as, playing an instrument, singing or even dancing.

At the event, the children were delighted to meet other servers from our Worship Ministry. The children got to speak to them personally and share their thoughts on worship.

A server from Outreach Ministry patiently helping a boy with his artwork.

Colourful handmade instruments by some of the children.

After the sharing, the children were taught how to create musical instruments from scrap materials. The day ended on a high note with the children playing music to the Lord with their newly-made instruments!

Christmas Party — The Heart Of Christmas

The children unwrapping their Christmas gift boxes carefully.

As the year drew to a close, our volunteers planned a Christmas bash specially for the kids on Saturday, 15 December 2012.

Other than celebrating Christmas with the children and giving them presents, our servers wanted to give the children an opportunity to reflect on God’s goodness and thank Him for the blessings He had showered upon them throughout the year.

The Christmas party was attended by 23 children from Gracehaven and a Thanksgiving Room was set up at Rock (Level 4) for them to come and thank Jesus for all the things He had blessed them with. The children also wrote cards of encouragement to remind each other of God’s promises.  

Pastor Lawrence Lim came in to close the session by sharing a powerful message on the heart of Christmas and why Jesus is the reason for the season. After hearing about God giving His precious Son, Jesus, to mankind, the word “gift” took on a whole new meaning for the children.

The last session of the year ended with spontaneous praise and worship overflowing from a heart of gratitude to the Lord. Every child was also given a box packed with little gifts which spoke of a year filled with untold blessings from their heavenly Father.