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We Care

Extending Love And Help To Nepal

Latest update on 17 Jun 2015

Pastor Lawrence Lim and Pastor Joash Siow led a team from New Creation Church to Nepal to aid in the distribution of food and essential items to those impacted by the earthquake. On Tuesday, 16 June 2015, they helped to distribute rice, lentils, cooking oil, cooking pots, sugar and mosquito nets to about 100 families in Saku, a village 25km away from Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu.

17 May 2015

Pastor Raju Sundas of the Lighthouse Foundation and volunteers from his church, Hosanna Church Ministries, have reached another 1,600 people with supplies of rice, noodles and lentils. Many of these volunteers gladly stepped up to help the villagers despite having had their own houses destroyed by the earthquake.

15 May 2015

Our church will be giving another US$5,000 towards the Nepal relief efforts, this time to Magani Church Ministries in Nepal to buy and distribute essential necessities like food, water, blankets and tents for the people affected by the earthquake.

Pastor Lokendra Bahadur Ghalan (centre in pink) of Magani Church Ministries and his team distributing rice and blankets.

12 May 2015

Church, let’s continue to uphold Nepal and its precious people in prayer. Another earthquake of magnitude 7.4 hit Nepal, near Mount Everest. We are reaching out to our partners in Nepal to find out more and assess how we can help.

5 May 2015

Over the weekend, our partner in Nepal continued to distribute food, tents and other relief supplies to some 5,600 people who have lost their homes. To date, they have reached about 10,000 families displaced by the earthquake.

2 May 2015, 8pm

The supplies of tents, rice and lentils distributed by the Lighthouse Foundation will provide shelter and feed some of those whose homes have been destroyed.

2 May 2015, 1pm

Pastor Raju packing food and relief items for the earthquake victims with the volunteers from his church. Dr Raymond helped them during his rest time there. Our initial giving of US$10,000 goes to this work.

Dr Raymond (fifth from left) with Pastor Raju (sixth from left) and volunteers packing food and relief items for the earthquake victims.

Some of the bags of food and relief items packed and ready for distribution.

1 May 2015

We will be giving S$10,000 to the Singapore Red Cross in aid of the victims of the earthquake. A doctor from our church, Dr Raymond Lim, has also set off for Nepal with the Red Cross medical team from Singapore.

Go, the Red Cross medical team from Singapore, go! Our prayers are with you. Dr Raymond is standing fourth from the left.

26 & 28 April 2015

The nation of Nepal is a beautiful country of sprawling mountains and remote villages with some 30 million inhabitants. When a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck it on Saturday, 25 April 2015, it destroyed not just buildings but livelihoods and homes, and claimed thousands of lives.

The United Nations estimated on 27 April that 8 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. The death toll has since risen to over 4,000 and is projected to hit 10,000.

Loving the people of Nepal

To help in the most immediate and practical way, our church is working with a long-time partner to procure and distribute food and essential necessities to the Nepalese.

To this end, we will be giving an initial amount of US$10,000 (about S$13,200) to the Lighthouse Foundation in Nepal, a Nepali state-approved foundation dedicated to feeding programmes, education and healthcare to poor and orphan children.

A glimpse of the devastation in Nepal.

Temporary shelters erected in Nepal after the earthquake.

Pastor Raju Sundas (far right) of the Lighthouse Foundation, Nepal, is already working hard on the ground to distribute food and necessities to the victims of the earthquake.

Since 2010, our church has contributed over S$180,000 to the foundation’s work to rescue abandoned babies and save girls from sexual slavery and abuse. Small girls and young women in parts of Nepal are often tricked and coerced into prostitution. Some are gang-raped and beaten up to make them compliable despite the horrific conditions they endure. Many become pregnant or are afflicted by sexually-transmitted diseases. Without help, these girls have no hope and no future, and may finally die of their sickness.

The foundation works to provide a loving and safe home for these girls and equip them with life skills. Through our giving, we are helping to save these girls from deprivation and exploitation, and create a new life for them.

In 2012, Pastor Lawrence Lim also visited the home and ministered to the girls with prayers of restoration and healing. Click here to read more.

Helping to create a new life for the girls saved from slavery and exploitation.

The pretty and clean dormitory in the home for the girls.

Pastor Lawrence Lim (bottom left) visited the home and met the girls and women there a few years ago. (The faces of the females have been blurred to protect their privacy.)

Sharing a picture with some of the women the Lighthouse Foundation rescued. (The faces of the females have been blurred to protect their privacy.)

Lifting them up in prayer

Church, let us continue to uphold Nepal and its precious people in prayer. Let us pray that God will strengthen and comfort them, and give the rescue teams wisdom and supernatural insight to save those who need help.

Pastor Lawrence Lim leading the church in prayer for Nepal and its people at our Sunday services on 26 April 2015.

We will continue to work closely with our partners in Nepal to render effective and practical help. More details will be shared in the days ahead.