Something as life-changing as encountering Jesus and His unmerited favour cannot be contained. This is why our mission is to make the gospel accessible to the world in multiple languages so that lives can be radically transformed. Through New Creation TV, Pastor Prince's messages are broadcasted on TV channels across the world and are also available on YouTube channels in various languages.

If you desire to be part of the team that sends the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations, we’d love to have you serve with us in any of the following roles:


If you are proficient in a foreign language and able to help with quality checks to ensure that Pastor Prince’s messages are accurately translated in the respective language, we welcome you to serve with us.

Some of the languages available are Dutch, German, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Hindi, Tamil and Thai. For a full list of languages currently available on TV and YouTube, please click here.


Our servers respond to emails in English (general enquiries, prayer requests and testimonies) from individuals from around the world.


As a server, you'll be creating compelling designs for various digital platforms.

To sign up or connect with us to learn more, click here.