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NCC Grace Academy:
Discover Your Inheritance In Christ 

Date: Tue, 25 Apr & 2 May 2023 (Part 1 & Part 2)
Time: 8pm–9.30pm

Note: Registration closes on Sun, 23 Apr or
when slots are fully taken up


When Two Hearts Become OneFor couples planning for marriage

In this seminar, participants will learn how to thrive in their marriage with Jesus in the centre of their relationship, build a strong and healthy marriage, and grow to be the right one for their spouse-to-be.

From This Day Forth
For newlyweds

Have you been married for a couple of years and starting to feel like the glow of honeymoon is fading? Discover how you can continue to keep the love and passion going in your marriage in this seminar for newlyweds. 

Joyful Marriage For Life
For married couples

"Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?" (Amos 3:3) How do we apply this in marriage today? If you have been married for any length of time, we welcome you to join our seminar to learn biblical truths and practical tips to bring your marriage life to the next level. 



Believing God For A BabyFor couples trusting God for a child

Are you trusting the Lord for a child or preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy? Come and be encouraged and equipped with biblical and practical handles as you prepare to take the next step into parenthood.

Expecting A Baby
For expecting couples 

If you are expecting, congratulations! Join us at our seminar to prepare for your delivery, hear God's heart for you and your famiy, and glean biblical principles to enjoy this season restfully.  

Welcome To Parenting
For new parents

Welcome to the world of parenting! If you are a first-time parent whose child is less than two years of age, join us at this seminar to find out how you can parent your child with a restful and grace-filled heart from our experienced speakers and panelists. 

Restfully Prepare For Primary 1 For parents whose child is preparing for Primary 1

Are you a parent with a child starting Primary 1 soon? In this seminar, you will discover ways to help your child navigate this transition and learn to enjoy his or her primary school life to the fullest. 

Connecting With Your Teens
For parents of teenagers

In this seminar, you find out how you can be equipped to better understand and guide your teens in the way of the Lord. Learn practical handles to kick-start needful conversations with them, and lead them to thrive in life.



David's Mighty Men
For single men

The season of singlehood may look and feel uncertain, but it is God’s heart for every man to find his companion in life. Uncover biblical truths on what it means to be a mighty man of God and how to win in pursuit of your potential life partner.

Open Hearts
For single ladies

Discover how you can enjoy your season of singlehood, and take practical steps that will bring you closer to your heart’s desire for a life partner. Our panel of speakers will be sharing honest and loving perspectives that will encourage you on this journey.

Heart To Heart
For dating couples

How do you know if you’re meant for each other? When is the right time to take your relationship to the next level of marriage? We seek to answer these burning questions—and more—at our seminar for dating couples. 



Finding Good Success In The Marketplace
For working adults  

The desire to thrive and have a fulfilling career comes from the Lord so lean in to His heart for you and your family. Find out what is God's definition of success and receive practical wisdom to experience good success in the marketplace. 

Reigning In Your Finances
For married couples  

It is God's desire to provide for your family so that you can be His conduit of blessing to those around you. Come gain insights to managing your finances with wisdom from the Word, and see His provision flow in your lives!



Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
For everyone

"God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another." (1 Peter 4;10, NLT) God has placed a unique gifting in you to bless the body of Christ. Discover how you can identify this gift, use it well, and increase in it!

Find Your Calling & Purpose
For everyone

You have a calling in your life that only you can fulfil, and you are destined to bring forth His glory! Learn how you can identify your calling and follow God's leading to fulfil your God-given purpose. 

How To Study The Bible
For everyone

Is there a systematic way of reading the Bible? What should we look out for when we study the scriptures? Are there study tools that we can use to better understand the Word? Find the answers to these questions and start taking your Bible study to the next level!

How To Rightly Divide The Word
For everyone

In this seminar, you will learn how you can read the Bible with understanding and accurately interpret the scriptures. You will also learn how to unravel difficult Bible passages by discovering who they are actually written to, at which point in time, and why. 

Praying For The Sick

For everyone
Jesus demonstrated His priority to heal by healing the sick everywhere He went. Today, God has given you the authority and power to heal the sick. Discover God's heart in this area and find out how you can minister His healing to those in need. 

Israel: Where The Bible Comes Alive
For everyone

From the time of creation, God has designed the land of Israel to be the grand stage where His stories would be played out. This is the place where our Lord Jesus walked and performed miracles when He was on earth. Experience the Bible come alive as we take a spiritual journey through the land of the Bible. 

Grace Discovery: Discover The Good News
For everyone

In this class, you will discover how you can freely receive God’s blessings because of what Jesus has accomplished at the cross. You will also uncover the manifold benefits of praying in tongues, and how you can release this gift into every area of your life.

Discover How Grace Transforms
For everyone

Learn what true holiness is and find out just how you have been redeemed to enjoy God’s abundant blessings under the new covenant. As you come to know more about His amazing grace, your life will never be the same again!

Grace Discovery: Discover Your Inheritance In Christ

For everyone
You are God’s beloved and you have a blessed inheritance from your heavenly Father! Find out more about your right to God’s abundant blessings which include peace, joy, divine health, and provision. You will also gain insights into the significance of the anointing oil and discover its benefits for yourself.



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