Be encouraged by these stories of the Lord’s goodness and let them plant hope in your heart.


  • Health & Healing (153)
  • Overcoming Guilt & Addictions (26)
  • Family & Relationships (50)
  • Protection (62)
  • Favour & Wisdom (111)
  • Provision (37)


  • Health & Healing (27)
  • Overcoming Guilt & Addictions (6)
  • Family & Relationships (14)
  • Protection (4)
  • Favour & Wisdom (8)
  • Provision (7)



    Voice features real-life stories from our church that testify of God’s goodness and His divine intervention in our everyday lives. As you read these praise reports by individuals from Singapore and around the world, we pray that your eyes be opened to see a loving Saviour whose heart is to heal, save, protect and provide for you.


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