There is a fraudulent website claiming that Pastor Joseph Prince is endorsing a cryptocurrency auto-trading programme. The site encourages its readers to sign up for their bitcoin investment platform and make a deposit via credit card or bank transfer.

The information on the website is categorically false and misleading. The site includes images of Pastor Prince, as well as Bill Gates and Richard Branson, to give the illusion that Pastor Prince has endorsed this investment platform.

We urge all to exercise caution when coming across such scams that request for your financial and personal information, and to report them to the relevant authorities.

We would like to assure you that Pastor Prince does not endorse any cryptocurrency investment platforms.

Pastor Joseph Prince and New Creation Church are not affiliated with any church, ministry or minister, organisation, movement or digital platform unless they are specifically mentioned on the official websites of Pastor Prince and New Creation Church, or in our official correspondence. New Creation Church’s non-affiliation announcement can be found here.