Church, before its worldwide release on 1 October 2019, the new book by Senior Pastor Joseph Prince, Eat Your Way To Life And Health—Unlock The Power Of The Holy Communion, is now available for pre-order.

About The Book

The simple act of eating can make all the difference!

Doctors may have told you there is no hope. You may have lived with a medical condition for so long, you’ve given up on ever being free of it. Perhaps something you’d overcome has come back with such a vengeance that you’re thinking, Maybe this time, it can’t be beaten.

Whatever circumstances you are confronted with today, God has a word for you: Don’t give up. There is hope. He has made a way for you.

In Eat Your Way To Life And Health, discover a God who loves you so much, His Son paid for your healing on Calvary’s Cross. Learn how His children can access His healing power with just the simple act of eating.

Click here to find out more about the book.

Pre-Order Specials

Exclusively for New Creation Church during the pre-order period, each softback book will be available at a special price of $25 (regular price: $30) per book.

Pre-Order One Copy

Pre-order one copy of Eat Your Way To Life And Health and receive Healing Scriptures—Powerful Promises For Divine Health, a carefully selected compilation of scriptures filled with life-giving and faith-building promises from God's Word.

Pre-Order Two Copies


Pre-order two copies of the book and receive Healing Scriptures—Powerful Promises For Divine Health plus an additional limited-edition scripture banner (available in three designs on a first come, first served basis).


How To Pre-Order

  1. Online via Rock Gifts & Book Centre from 25 August to 22 September 2019.
  2. At the booths located at our English service venues over four Sundays on 1, 8, 15 and 22 September 2019.

Collection Of Your Pre-Orders

Pre-ordered books will be available for collection at our English service venues on three Sundays—29 September, and 13 October 2019. If you miss these collection dates, you can also pick up your pre-orders at Rock Gifts & Book Centre (The Star Vista, #02-07) until 31 December 2019. Please bring your pre-order coupons or confirmation emails to collect your orders.