As our nation deals with the outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), we as a church remain committed to giving our support to the community in practical ways, while we continue to pray for the situation.

Our overseas outreach programmes also carry on with the help of our partners on the ground to support impoverished and vulnerable communities. Read more here.

6 Nov 2021—Blood Donation Drive 
Covid-19 has brought about a worldwide healthcare crisis and therefore, it is essential to maintain an adequate blood supply in our nation's blood bank to meet healthcare needs. In November 2021, we partnered with Singapore Red Cross to organise a blood donation drive to help patients in need. Praise the Lord that over 60 church members responded to the call to give the gift of life!  

24 Oct 2021—Serving Underprivileged Indian Families At Marsiling Constituency
Last Saturday, we got to be a blessing to over 200 underprivileged Indian families—just in time for their festive celebrations! Church council member Deacon Matthew Kang and Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Senior Minister of State for Defence and Manpower, were present to distribute our gift packs to the family members at the Marsiling constituency.

6 Oct 2021—Senior Activity Centres And Nursing Homes

We’re thankful to be able to spread some cheer to the elderly during the Mid-Autumn season this year. Our volunteers created an activities kit to engage more than 1,800 seniors across 23 senior activity centres and nursing homes. We're thankful to be able to help care for them during this season!

1 Oct 2021—Appreciating Migrant Workers
The migrant workers play a vital role in our community by helping us build our nation. To appreciate them for all that they do, we gave away some 500 care packs to bless the migrant workers at a dormitory!

September 2021—Helping A Senior Move House

Many hands make light work! Our small but strong team of community services volunteers responded to a call from a local partner to help a senior move house. This person was scheduled for surgery due to an arm injury and we are glad we could be the hand of the Lord's love towards them.

September 2021—St Luke's ElderCare
Sending our love online! During the Mid-Autumn season, our volunteers hosted an online party to bring joy and laughter to some 300 seniors from St Luke’s ElderCare. It makes it all worthwhile to see the elderly enjoying themselves and tucking into the lunch that we have specially prepared for them.


30 April 2021—Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre

Staying safe and staying engaged! Prior to the announcement of Singapore’s latest safety measures, our volunteers organised an e-shopping session to teach the seniors at Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre how to purchase groceries online with our gifts of e-vouchers.

3 April 2021—Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre

Volunteers from Varsity, our youth group for university students, visited the elderly at Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre where they enjoyed a time together filled with pleasant conversations and a fun craft activity.

13 February 2021—Turning Point

We organised a Chinese New Year celebration for the residents of Turning Point, a local women's halfway house, who enjoyed a lunch party, festive goodies, games, and a sing-along session. What a privilege to be an extension of the Lord’s love to them!

February 2021—Online Shopping Experience For Seniors

Chinese New Year is a season of joy and celebrations! We reached out to about 100 elderly, regardless of race, at various senior activity centres with an online shopping experience!

Our volunteers were on hand to guide the seniors as they purchased necessities for the season using our e-vouchers. They also brought gifts of mandarin oranges and livened up the centres with festive decorations.

November 2020—Migrant Worker Dormitories
We appreciate the migrant workers in Singapore who continue to help build our city! Through our outreach partner, we have been reaching out and blessing them with care packs on a regular basis. Every gift pack includes a prepaid smart card, some snacks, face masks and vitamin C tablets.

5–11 August 2020—Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre
We continue to share our joy with the underprivileged elderly in the community. Last week, our outreach team packed and delivered tote bags of care kits and essential food items to 235 more homes in need. Do continue to pray that they be kept healthy and well, especially during this season.

11 August 2020—Care Corner Family Service Centre
In this season, we continue to show practical love and support to families whose livelihoods have been affected. 

During the week, our outreach team, together with Reverend Joseph Purcell Sr, delivered daily necessities to the underprivileged families from Care Corner Family Service Centre. Our volunteers were also encouraged by a time of sharing by Reverend Joseph Purcell Sr.

3–4 August 2020—Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre
We are reaching out to underprivileged elderly in Singapore with specially curated care kits and food packs to over 150 homes and counting! We hope that as they receive practical help and encouragement, those staying safe at home will experience the Lord’s love, even in these times.

25 July 2020—Blood Donation Drive At The Star Performing Arts Centre
For the second month running, we partnered with the Singapore Red Cross to set up a blood donation drive at The Star Performing Arts Centre. Last Saturday, over 100 volunteers from our church, including pastors and leaders, participated in this meaningful event. Thank you, beloved, for giving a lifeline and blessing the lives of many patients in Singapore.

7 July 2020—Supporting Our Healthcare Workers From Singhealth Polyclinics
Our healthcare workers have been working hard for many months to keep Singapore safe in these times, and we just want to show our support for them in any way we can. As our way to cheer them on and appreciate them for what they do, we gave out assorted drinks and hand moisturisers to the staff at Singhealth Polyclinics.

2 July 2020—Distributing Food Court Gift Cards For Cleaners At Tan Tock Seng Hospital
We are delighted to be able to give some 400 food court gift cards to cleaners at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and National Centre for Infectious Diseases. We greatly appreciate them even as they work hard to keep our frontline premises clean and safe in the current pandemic.


27 June 2020—Blood Donation Drive At The Star Performing Arts Centre
With blood stocks having dropped significantly during the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to help in practical ways and partnered with the Singapore Red Cross to set up a blood donation drive at The Star Performing Arts Centre. A big thank you to the youths and young adults in our youth ministry who stepped up to give the gift of life and bless patients in need!


June 2020—Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre
Our volunteers continue to pack and deliver essential food items to the underprivileged elderly.

We count it a joy to show God's love and serve the community in practical ways during these times.


May–June 2020—Blessing The Elderly In Our Community
We may be physically apart, but love knows no distance!

During this season, our volunteers continue to send love and encouragement to the elderly in nursing homes with video greetings.


May–June 2020—Project Good News
Many volunteers and some families from our church are writing and mailing more than 600 personalised cards full of drawings, stickers and encouragement to bring cheer to the elderly at local nursing homes and senior activity centres and show them that they’re not forgotten. We are also praying for them, especially during this season where they may feel isolated and lonely.


28 April–11 May 2020—Blood Donation Initiative
Over the span of two weeks, our volunteers made individual trips to the local blood banks and community blood donation drives to donate their blood. We’re thankful for this opportunity to be a blessing to the patients in need, and we continue to uphold them in prayer.


4–8 May 2020―Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre
Over 800 food packs prepared and delivered with love. We’re glad we get to play a part in serving the underprivileged elderly in our community and letting them know that we care.


30 Apr―The Food Bank
In challenging times like this, we’re glad to be able to continue supporting The Food Bank, a local charity, by packing food rations for the vulnerable in our community.


3 April 2020—Alexandra Hospital
Grateful for the opportunity to bring gift packages of refreshments and chocolates to show love and support for the healthcare team at Alexandra Hospital before the circuit breaker measures kick in!


21 March 2020—The Food Bank Fresh Food Delivery
Many elderly are playing their part by staying at home during this season, and we want to show them our love and support. University students from our Varsity youth group partnered with The Food Bank to pack, load, and deliver fresh foods right to their doorsteps!


26 February 2020—National University Hospital And Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
We delivered refreshments, vitamin C tablets, and energy bars to the healthcare workers at National University Hospital and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to cheer them on and appreciate them for their courage, selflessness, and dedication during this season.


21 February 2020—Willing Hearts
Our volunteers helped out at Willing Hearts, a local soup kitchen, to prepare, pack and deliver warm meals to the underprivileged. This is our way of supporting charities with a manpower crunch because of COVID-19. 


15 & 22 February 2020—The Food Bank
With local charities such as The Food Bank facing manpower shortage during this time, our volunteers have availed themselves to provide extra pairs of hands to help pack food supplies. 


14 February 2020—Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Healthcare workers put their lives on the line and work tirelessly to attend to the sick, and to keep Singapore safe. We brought refreshments, pain relief patches and vitamin C donated by our church to the medical staff at Tan Tock Seng Hospital to support and encourage them as they battle the coronavirus on the frontlines.