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We want you to know that you are God's beloved, and that He has great plans and good things in store for you! He wants you blessed wherever you are and in whatever you put your hands to. You can look forward to and enjoy all the blessings of being a child of God because of what Jesus has done for you at the cross. By His one perfect sacrifice, He has paid the price for all your sins—past, present and future (Hebrews 10:10). So God will never again condemn or judge you. And today, He is totally for you and always with you.

May you continue to receive fresh revelations of God's love for you.It is our prayer that you will grow in your knowledge of Jesus and His loveliness, and find rest in His finished work for you, as you feed on His Word.

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We pray that you will be blessed by these resources and discover more of the promises you have in Christ.

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Whatever your challenge, we are here to pray, encourage and stand in faith with you.

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